Sun Pictures latest release “Mappillai” (Son-in-law) is a re-make of the 1989 Rajnikanth hit with the same title. The movie on the whole is same sans drastic changes except for the minor tweaks inserted to suit the image of Danush and the comedy track of Vivek for the box-office quotient. On the whole whether this re-make stands up in terms of the result to the original version is a big question mark. The movie is not a bad re-make but at the same time it is not the best in its category. Danush has put in a stellar performance considering the fact that he is enacting a role that was essayed by his father-in-law almost 2 decades back.

Saravanan (Danush) is introduced as a good guy in the locality who doesn’t get involved in unnecessary brawls or roaming around and he is the ideal youth example in the locality. On the other hand there is the bubbly Gayathri (Debutant Hansika Motwani) who is pretty and its love between the lead pair quite instantaneously. The grand entry of Rajeswari (Manisha Koirala) who is the mother of Gayathri spices up things and the melee begins when Saravanan tricks Rajeswari and marries her daughter.

Rajeswari’s plans of having a subdued son-in-law goes for a toss and she challenges to him that she will make him a bad guy and make her daughter hate him to the core. The same old story as in the original. The tweak here is that Saravanan has a flashback in Kumbakonam where he is just the opposite bashing the bad guys and leading a carefree life.

From hereon there is no change in the storyline even a bit all the sequences in the original including the Ooty honeymoon trip sequence takes place exactly as it was earlier. Director Suraaj who directed the hit film “Padikkathavan” has walked on a tight rope and whether the film will reap in the same result at the box-office compared to its original is to be seen. The movie has a running time of 160 minutes and the production values are definitely much better than the original. The comedy track of Vivek is hilarious most of the time but at the same time it doesn’t bring the roof down.

In terms of acting, Danush is undoubtedly the hero of the show while Hansika Motwani is an absolute mis-fit compared to the work done by Amala in the 1989 version. Manisha Koirala in her see-thru saree has been wasted. Music by Manisharma is very flat except for the song “Ennoda Rasi Nalla Rasi” which increases the tempo of the movie a bit in the second half.

This “Mappillai” is a doubtful commodity at the box-office.

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Downloading Mappillai Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, and Mappillai movie in rapidshare is illegal. Mappillai movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Mappillai Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Mappillai Movie crew : Director Suraaj, Mappillai actor Danush and Mappillai actress Hansika Motwani has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Mappillai.


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