Ajith’s 50th film “Mankatha” which has its main theme based on the betting racket during the IPL cricket matches cannot get any bigger than this. “Mankatha” has all the ingredients that would satisfy the audience from start to finish. Venkat Prabhu who had churned out hits after hits has once again hit the bull’s eye with this film. The star cast is one of the main highlights of the film as it has Arjun, Trisha, Andrea, Lakshmi Rai, Anjali, Vaibhav, Premgi Amaran and few more who have donned important roles. The pre-release euphoria had automatically raised the hype for the film in terms of its entertainment value and in the end, its paisa vasool.

Vinayak (Ajith) a Mumbai police officer gets suspended for helping a smuggler escape a police encounter. In the mean time Sanjana (Trisha) daughter of Arumuga Chettiyar (Jayaprakash) falls in love with him. Arumuga Chettiyar happens to be a big name in the betting industry and he is part of the IPL betting racket. The money that exchanges hands at his backyard runs into crores.

On the other hand there is Sumanth (Vaibhav) who works for Armuga Chettiyar, Ganesh (Ashwin) a police officer, Mahath (Mahath) a bar owner and Prem (Premgi) an IIT graduate. The four as a gang decide to loot the 500 crores IPL betting money from Armuga Chettiyar and settle in life. Vinayak who includes himself in the gangs sets his eyes on bounty which comes as a rude shock to the other 4. Vinayak then draws clear plans of looting the betting money and what needs to be done thereafter.

Walks in Prithvi (Arjun) ACP, Special Branch who is given the charge to unearth the betting racket and he is always in hot pursuit of Vinayak to have him arrested. Does Vinayak and his team of sidekicks get good on the bounty or is it Prithvi who has the last laugh is said in the remaining part of the movie. The first half of the movie to be honest is a tad slower which would not be to the liking of Ajith’s fans but all the lag is made up in the second half and thanks to a riveting climax, the fans who were eagerly awaiting for this film are in the end a much satisfied lot.

The story has a simple crux overall, the characters and the sequence of events from the beginning of the film looks like pieces of jig-saw puzzle waiting to be put in its right place and once the pieces are set, it gives a complete new dimension to the story and its proceedings. Director Venkat Prabhu has for the first time tried a subject this serious and hats-off to him for a wonderful job.

Since the movie is a gangster flick, the ladies don’t have much of a role to play. Trisha as the love interest of Ajith makes an early exit in the storyline. Andrea as Sabitha Prithviraj has very limited screen time so is Anjali in the character of Suchi. Lakshmi Rai though belongs to the same category, she is a kind of exception to the rule as she has a lengthy role to play especially in the end. Laskhmi Rai gets generous on the skin show in a song sequence which the other actresses desist from.

Acting wise Ajith is mature for the role and Arjun with his serious expressions pulls it off with ease. Vaibhav, Ashwin, Mahath, Premgi and others have synced with the characters they portray. Jayaprakash as the unassuming don proves once again what it means to be a seasoned actor.

The “Mankatha” theme score by Yuvan Shankar Raja sets the pulse racing and the songs barring a couple doesn’t go well with the pace of the film. Editing by Praveen and Srikanth could have been a bit more crisper especially in the first half where there are few scenes which could have been chopped at the editing table itself.

“Mankatha” produced by Cloud Nine Movies has a running time of 160 minutes and is a sure shot winner at the box-office.

“Mankatha” is an entertaining game by the combination of Venkat Prabhu and Ajith.

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Downloading Mankatha Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download and downloading Mankatha movie in rapidshare is illegal. Mankatha movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Mankatha Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Mankatha Movie crew : Director Venkat Prabhu, Mankatha actor Ajithkumar and Mankatha actress Trisha Krishnan has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Mankatha.


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