A movie that made heads turn during its pre-release hype has finally lived up to the expectations. The movie was a high risk proposition for the one film old Ramcharan and he has lived up to the expectations. The movie is about how a princess and her bodyguard fall in love and simultaneously one of the princesses relative also falls in love with her and in the ensuing battle of who wins gets it all, all three die only to be re-incarnated 400 years later to pursue the same battle.

The story might sound little immature or complex but the way the movie has been taken is truly a commendable effort. Megastar Chiranjeevi makes a cameo appearance and like all dad’s he too showers few words of praises on his son and makes an exit. Director S S Rajamouli who was on a hit giving spree prior to this movie has continued to maintain his rich vein of form intact.

The movie begins in the year 1609 at Aravalli mountains where princess Mithravinda Devi (Kajal Agarwal) is about to breathe her last when she questions Kalabhairava (Ramcharan) about how much he loves her. When Kalabhairava confesses his love to her she slips into oblivion where he too follows her.

The next scene is at present where Harsha (Ramcharan) a bike jumper is introduced in typical filmy style with the song “Bangaru Kodi Petta” where his dad Chiranjeevi makes a sizzling appearance. Later Harsha gets to meet Indu (Kajal Agarwal) and love blossoms between them which has been portrayed in an interesting manner. The villain who was a relative 400 years back comes again to haunt the love pair in the form of Raghubheer (Dev Gill), a relative of Indu.

When Raghubeer finds out that Indu is in love with Harsha and that they have been reincarnated into the present roles things begin to hot up as the typical hero-villain fight ensues. In the end it is anyone’s guess that who would triumph in the fight and win over Indu’s hand but the difference is the treatment given to the storyline by the director. The scenes where the story goes back 400 years are well executed and no wonder this movie was made at a whopping  budget as the sets and properties does look authentic on screen. The movie has a running time of 163 minutes.

In terms of acting Ramcharan and Kajal Agarwal have done their roles to perfection. It was indeed a huge burden for Ramcharan to essay such a heavy role in his second film but all credit to the actor as he has pulled it off with ease.  Music by M M Keeravani compliments the pulse of the movie with some adrenalin pumping and entertaining music. This movie might not be director S S Rajamouli’s best but it will indeed be amongst the best for its hero Ramcharan.

“Magadheera” entertains from start to finish.

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