Kollywood has at last got a whiff of fresh air moving away from the usual run-of-the-mill romantic subjects to something more sensitive and serious subject wherein the independence struggle and a love story of a British girl and an ordinary low class Indian boy is woven beautifully for the viewers. Director Vijay who after a successful outing with his last film “Poi Solla Porom” (re-make of the Hindi hit film “Khosla ka Ghosla”) has come up with a story which is absorbing from start to finish. The movie moves at such a good pace that the entertainment quotient of the film is never compromised though the story travels to and fro between current era and pre-independence era.

Amy is an old British woman who wants to visit Chennai (then “Madharasapattinam”) to hand over an important memorabilia to its owner. She is to undergo a life saving operation in a week and still insists on making the trip to India. When she visits India its a nostalgic trip back 60 years time period when she visited India during the year before independence. Amy (Amy Jackson) daughter of British governor to “Madharasapattinam” lands from London to be with her parents. She is assisted by Nambi (VMC Haneefa) for translation during her visit.

In one such visit she comes across the bold Parithi (Arya) with whom she develops a liking over a period of time. The liking then becomes mutual though Amy is engaged to the British commissioner of police. The engagement though took place without her consent she cares a damn about it and follows her heart sincerely and falling in love with Parithi who earns his living by washing their clothes.

Then in a true cinematic style there is a face-off between Parithi and British police commissioner and as usual its the local boy who wins over him. Amy gets more and more attached with the people that she learns the local language and starts conversing with the people in Tamil.

The freedom struggle reaches its final moments and that’s when the lead pair also get to make an important decision of their life and when things seems to work out fine a jolt in the storyline disturbs their plan and what follows is how they get separated from each other and follow their destiny.

The director has to be applauded for the enormous research that he has done on the subject and to give shape to his dreams is the hard work of art director Selvakumar and the brilliance of cinematographer Nirav Shah who succeed in re-creating the Madras of 1947 perfectly on screen. Music by G V Prakash Kumar does turn out to be ordinary and the background score in particular lacks the required impact needed for the film.

Amy Jackson is brilliant in her acting and her performance in a language which is alien to her is quite commendable. Arya though flexes his muscle in the fight sequences could have been better in emotional scenes. It is no doubt hard work for all actors but some more extra effort from Arya would have raised his performance to the next level. Nasser and others form the supporting cast who compliment the story very well in the limited screen time given to them. Though the storyline might resemble few English and Hindi movies the screenplay is well knit that it is made sure that the film hold its own forte.

“Madharasapattinam” a brilliant period film which is not to be missed.

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