The third installment in the Madagascar franchise is more crowded than its prequels thus bringing in more scope for entertainment. The four pivotal characters in Lion, Hippo, Zebra and the Giraffe plan to head to their home at New York Zoo but what makes their journey adventurous and interesting is all said in this “Madagascar 3”.

The ensemble of other characters include the four smart penguins, Cheetah, Tiger, Sea Lion, Elephant, Horses and in short an entire circus. The most important twist in the tale is the introduction of a villain in the form of a lady police officer sniffing the hell out to nail the Lion to its grave and in the quest for success she begins the journey in Europe and finally catches up with them in America.

In terms of the flow, the film does have its funny moments and makes the viewers laugh but on the hindsight, one wonders if the makers have missed a trick or two especially in the way the screenplay shapes up. The movie is no doubt fun but compared to the first two versions, this misses the bull’s eye by a whisker.

The movie with addition of more characters is visually a treat to watch especially the circus sequences are just mind-blowing. And for those who thought India doesn’t have the technical expertise when it comes to animation, the movie’s end credits have a lot of Indian names rolling over indicating that most of the graphics were indeed done in India.

The movie which has a running time of 85 minutes is entertaining and with some snacks for company it is a good time pass.

Overall, Europe’s Most Wanted “Madagascar 3” is a worthy entertainer.

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