Ang Lee’s latest film “Life of Pi” based on the novel with the same name written by Yann Martel is a well-crafted emotional film that carries it viewers on an emotional journey. Adapted screenplays aren’t easy but at the same time it carries a lot of risk on its shoulders as the essence of the book needs to be replicated in a better way on screen. Screenplay writer David Magee has successfully translated the book to an engrossing on-screen version.

The story begins when Pi Patel (Irrfan Khan) narrating his flashback to a story writer (Rafe Spall). The flashback dates back to his days as a young boy when he at Pondicherry (India) along with his family in Father Santosh Patel (Adil Hussain), Mother Gita Patel (Tabu) & Brother Ravi Patel own a zoo. The zoo has its share of trouble when political climate forces its owner Santosh to move the animals out of country.

The story begins to take shape when the cargo ship they travel ends up in a disaster and only Pi Patel and a Zebra make good their escape in a life Boat from the Ship wreck, as destiny would have it they get joined by an Orangutan and Hyena. When the Hyena makes a meal for itself out of the Zebra and Orangutan, jumps out a tiger from a hideout in the Life boat to end the atrocities of the Hyena.

It’s now up to Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma) and the big Bengal Tiger and how they in the middle of an Ocean make their journey to safety. The film from this point takes a very emotional route where the guy first afraid for Richard Parker (The Bengal Tier) decides to mend ways with the big cat and in the process they both form a bonding which keeps them alive and kicking.

The screenplay is the soul of the film as it holds the journey with precision. Though on hindsight one might think there could have been few scenes which could have been edited so that it makes up for an even more intriguing watch.

Suraj Khan with his acting carries the crux of the film. In scenes where he is down and out the reactions he shows are worthy of mention. Other actors who have limited screen space have done their part well. The film has a running time of 126 minutes and is sure to be a winner at the box-office.

The computer graphics team has put in so much hard work on this film and it shows. The 3D effect though is a disappointment considering that apart from a couple of scenes there is nothing 3D special in the film.

Ang Lee has once again come up with a masterpiece with the help of a young boy and a Bengal Tiger as his artists.

“Life of Pi” is an entertainer of a different kind and worth the watch.

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