To be honest there is nothing new that “Legion” brings to the table. Its the same old formula dusted innumerable times with a new concept. And the new concept this time around is that God is unhappy with mankind and hence he sends two of his men-angels to carry out the task. Quite interestingly the future of mankind depends on one baby which is about to be born into this world. Quite funny the concept sounds to be but post an impressive trailer which got everyone hooked to it had lot of expectations but in the end it was only to deceive in the final product.

The centre of attraction in this movie happens to be a lone highway diner where the baby is supposed to be born. The opening scenes of the film shows Michael (Paul Bettany) falling from heaven only to cut the wings he has and to remove the metal collar around his neck signifying that he will no longer obey the orders from above. Michael suddenly walks into a toy showroom and walks out with truck load of machine guns (cannot understand how on earth a toy store have real machine guns stored) and heads to the diner.

In the diner there is the pregnant Charlie (Adrianne Palicki) who on duty comes across an unassuming old woman who suddenly does a scary act which makes the other occupants jittery. Michael walks in and tells his intention and the occupants who disbelieve him in the beginning decide to trust him based on some sequential happenings.

Jeep Hanson (Lucas Black) the other god-send angel arrives on the scene and what follows is complete apocalypse style which unfortunately fails to kindle any interest amongst viewers. In the end the climax is quite predictable and not to mention highly repetitive and one wonders what Director Scott Stewart had in his mind while he set to make this film.

In terms of acting its all pretty flat and none has done anything significant to mention. The graphics and ideas are all copied from previous movies and originality absolutely goes for a toss in this “Legion”.

Skip this “Legion” else you will get bored watching it.

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