When the item to be served on the plate is well known even before we sit on the table, expectations are well set. The same holds good for this “Kya Super Kool Hain Hum” as it is a well known fact that it is an out and out adult comedy. In India where the word “SEX” is still considered a taboo, films as these somewhat tries its level best on the too conscious Indian mind.

One thing that is required to enjoy this adult comedy is not to look for logic anywhere in the film. The leading actors in Tushar Kapoor and Riteish Deshmukh have in tandom made sure that the witty one-liners filled with anecdotes are delivered with proper timing thereby making the viewers laugh out.

The storyline is nothing complicated but so simple that the makers have put in more effort in finding out the latest adult jokes going around in the social circles etc. The leading ladies in Sarah and Neha have too joined the party in blurting out the timely one-liners and at the possible moments exposing their toned glamorous body to good effect .

Adi (Tushar Kapoor) is a struggling actor wanting to make a mark in the film industry without much luck. On the other hand there is DJ Sid (Riteish Deshmukh) who doesn’t have a permanent job at a dics (Riteish’s way of pronouncing “Disc”). Their pug dog however saves the day for Sid by being a macho gigolo amongst its breed.

Simran (Neha Sharma) is a typical present day youth not wanting to get tied down in the name of marriage. In one scene where a alliance is being sought for her, the serials which she likes are wrongly interpreted which is quite a laugh riot. Anu (Sarah Jane Dias) is a ramp walk model whose career takes a wrong u-turn because of Sid and then its cupid striking between the two.

The other most important character in the film is that of the Goan millionaire Francis Marlo (Anupam Kher) who is taking for a ride by a self-styled godman Baba 3G (Chunky Pandey) which again keeps the viewers in good spirits. On the whole what happens to all the characters and amongst them how many adult jokes are blurted out gets covered in this sequel of the 2005 hit “Kya Kool hain Hum”.

The movie has a running time of 130 minutes and though there are a few dull moments in the middle the overall pace of the film is quite decent and thanks to the jokes which clearly makes the film stand out in its genre of “adult comedy”.

The best way to enjoy this film is to leave all logic behind and just look at it as an entertainer. The family audience might not want to watch it together but definitely they would want to watch it separately and enjoy the proceedings on screen. The film produced by Ekta Kapoor and directed by Sachin Yardi would be a decent bet at the box-office.

“Kya Super Cool Hain Hum” keeps the ball rolling to good effect.

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