Kurangu BommaiIt’s a refreshing change to see new film makers move away from the  masala formula to try something new in the commercial genre. “Kurangu Bommai” directed by Nithilan Swaminathan is a wonderful attempt in storytelling and he has chosen a story with a strong message in it. Nithilan has firmly believed in his story and screenplay that he decided to march on with it without the presence of any major stars in the cast.

Director Bharatirajaa who plays a pivotal role in the storyline is one actor who has forayed into acting at a very late stage of his career. In every film he proves his mettle as an actor of substance and this “Kurangu Bommai” is no different. There is one particular scene where he pleads with the villain and the acting in this portion is particularly top class.

Vidharth plays the male lead but in a story which lays emphasis on the story and sequence of events, there is no single portion to write about that stand as testimony for his acting. His role is a subtle one that provides the crucial link needed to move forward. Delna Davis as female lead too has a similar role that is used to add twists to the tale.

The surprise element in the film is the role that is bagged by Elango Kumaravel. Elango known as a character artist in his previous films has taken a complete shift of dynamics in this one. The few scenes which bring out the animal within him are well enacted and executed. It is undoubtedly a game changer in Elango’s career.

Ganja Karuppu known for his comic role in films just appears in a blink and miss role and there is no comedy in the miniscule screen time given to him. Balasingh too joins the list of blink and miss artists in this “Kurangu Bommai”.

There is not a single scene which gives the predictable mill a chance. The screenplay is so different that when a viewer predicts that what could happen next, there is a complete surprise as none of the scenes go on predictable lines. The best part is the climax which again stands different and there is no preaching about the message its makers intend to deliver but the impact is very powerful.

The trailer though gives a whiff of the story, what happens in the main film is something that makes you applaud the skill of its director.

This “Kurangu Bommai” belongs to a different league in Kollywood where there are no masala elements, no item numbers, no navel or cleavage shots whatsoever but at the same time when the curtains draw to a close there is a sense of satisfaction that a good film has been witnessed. There are few objectionable scenes for the weak hearted but is completely justified in the scheme of things.

At the box-office, good films sans commercial elements hardly get its due and one hopes that this film proves that notion wrong. Director Nithilan deserves an ovation for his wonderful work and its high time Kollywood recognizes such films in a big way.

Overall, this is a film that definitely recommends a watch.

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