There are few films that do not boast of big stars but still manage to see the light of the day. Few of those might be surprises while most of them will be damp squibs. “Konjam Sirippu Konjam Kobam” (Little Smile Little Anger) is a film that belongs to the second category where the entire film has nothing new or interesting to offer for the viewers. Mahesh who after a heavy performance in “Angadi Theru” has decided to do an action oriented love subject which does not suit him at all.

Velu (Mahesh) is a honest police officer (he doesn’t even come in a single scene with the police uniform) falls in love with Archana (Anusha) who is the daughter of the Commissioner of Police. The love birds find support at their respective homes and decide to tie the knot. On the day of engagement, there is a twist to the tale which stops the engagement.

The story then travels to Patna where there is a family background for Archana and on certain compulsions, she had stopped the wedding. At Patna there is Shiyaji Shinde playing the local MP cum gangster role who terrorizes the area with his atrocities.

Archana though compelled by family reasons is still in love with Velu and the next minute, he lands in Patna in what seems the obvious reason. The rest of the story drags along and comes to a halt. The movie runs for 130 minutes and to be honest, its a pain to sit through the film.

The scenes and the sequences couldn’t have been more amateurish. The graphics have been used at all unwanted place which further irritates the viewers. In terms of acting, Mahesh tries to act while the female read Anusha is a complete disaster. Anusha doesn’t even know how to react for any situation. Sathyan and “Ganja” Karuppu drag the inevitable further in the name of comedy sequences.

Sampooranam who happens to be the producer and director of the film has missed the plot right from the word go and the box-office fortunes of the film is nothing but a wash-out. Finally, all the viewers get is more anger than smile. The director doesn’t maintain the tempo of the film after the first scene.

“Konjam Sirippu Konjam Kobam” – meaningless to the core.

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