KombanActor Karthi tasted success at the box-office with his last film “Madras”. Karthi after his first two films, took on roles that predominantly suited his chocolate boy image to perfection. When his latest film “Komban” was announced, he openly admitted that the film had a storyline that was different from his debut film “Paruthiveeran” thereby setting up an expectation on the film.

The film had faced its share of challenge when it was ready for release as it was challenged in the court of law stating that the film would instigate violence between two castes which in reality turns out to be nothing. The film’s release date was pre-poned by a day to April 1st but in its home turf of Tamil Nadu the film was forced to forfeit its morning and afternoon shows by its detractors and the exhibitors finally managed to exhibit the film only from the evening show onward.

The film carries a wafer thin plot where it deals about the relationship between a father-in-law and his son-in-law. Karthi plays the son-in-law character while Rajkiran plays the father-in-law character. It is quite unfortunate that the two actors who are seasoned campaigners look uninterested throughout and any special effort to portray their characters is completely missing. The film needed a very strong screenplay to deal with such a wafer thin plot and that’s the crucial point when director Muthiah seem to have taken his foot off the pedal. The poor characterization of Karthi and Rajkiran’s characters literally pulls the film down to its knees.

To make matters worse the storyline gets revealed almost mid-way through the film which makes it an absolute dampener. “Komban” more or less looses its grip on the audience in the first half itself. It is the faint hope that there could be something different stacked up in the second half keeps the audience stay put in the theatre. But once the second half starts rolling, it gets very clear that there is absolutely nothing different or interesting in the film that can possibly occur from thereon.

As mentioned earlier, director Muthiah takes a good 80 minutes into the film to kick start the storyline. In that 80 minutes, there is introduction of Lakshmi Menon as the female lead, Thambi Ramaiyaa for the comedy track,”Kovai” Sarala in a character role and not to forget the villains who promise to bull doze the hero but ends up on the conventional path of Tamil cinema of getting beaten black and blue by the hero.

“Komban” is mainly targeted at the non-metro audience but its makers should have understood an important fact that the non-metro audience cannot be taken for ride with a weak offering and it is just what has happened with this film. It is all set to become a box-office failure with some big budget and interesting films in fray for competition. The film has a running time of 136 minutes which in reality looks like 180 minutes.

Karthi’s acting is nothing new and the weak characterization doesn’t offer him any scope for acting. Lakshmi Menon comes in for a couple of songs and may be few more scenes and there is absolutely no scope for her in a hero-centric film. Rajkiran has been wasted and the climax scene is a real mockery of his talent.

G V Prakash kumar’s music is mediocre while Velraj’s cinematography is nothing worthy of mention. In terms of editing, there are lots of scenes that doesn’t add any value to the film and such scenes should have been halted at the editing table itself.

Overall, a film that promised to reach great heights ends up deceiving everyone including its lead star Karthi and other actors. Director seems to have taken Karthi’s star status for granted.

“Komban” turns out to be a colossal failure.

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