Pawan Kalyan has given something to cheer about to his fans as this movie gives an opportunity for his fans to see him on screen after a gap of more than two years. In “Komaram Puli” he plays the title role in the character of a strict police officer. The movie is directed by S J Surya and the actor-director combination earlier gave the super-hit “Kushi” and the power star’s fans were hoping that the same magic will be repeated in this film also.

The movie begins in the year 1985 where Saranya is beaten badly when she complains at the police station that her husband who is also a police officer is missing. She comes to know that her husband has been killed while being in the line of duty. As destiny would have it she also comes to know that she is pregnant and from that time she wants her child to become a police officer.

25 years later in 2010 Komaram Puli (Pawan Kalyan) is shown as a daring police officer who thwarts an assassination attempt on the Prime Minister of India (Girish Karnad in a cameo). Komaram Puli is then congratulated on his bravery and that’s when he seeks permission to start his own team which will make sure that the public servants in police department perform their duties to perfection.

The permission is granted and he starts his own team with the name “Puli Team”. The team is headed by Puli and has few officers working under him. Puli then runs into an international don Al Saleem (Manoj Bajpai). Tensions run high between them and its cat and mouse game from the beginning till the end.

When Puli digs the credentials of Al Saleem, he is startled on his terrorist links and is keen on bringing him to book. What happens between Komaram Puli and Al Saleem and who emerges victorious is all about in this “Komaram Puli”. In the midst of all these high-voltage drama Madhumathi (Nikesha Patel) plays the love interest of Komaram Puli.

Nikesha Patel does not have much scope in an action oriented film. She does come for a couple of songs exposing as much as possible which is a delight to the front-benchers. Shriya Saran sizzles in an item number in the second half which looks like it is been inserted just for the sake of more skin show.

“Power Star” Pawan Kalyan looks too old for the character of a 25 year old guy but the high-voltage actions sequences between him and the bad guys are a revelation. Supporting cast includes Nasser, Saranraj, Kovai Sarala and others.

The biggest draw back in the film is that the story that director S J Surya has taken is the same old story which has been tried numerous times before. The screenplay which is supposed to be gripping falters badly and that’s one element that has let the movie down badly. Another notable aspect of the film is that the director has failed to look into the specifics in the film. The name of Pawan Kalyan is written as “Komrum Puli” in his badge but in another scene the same name badge bears the name “Komarum Puli” which could have been avoided. “Kushi” did reign in huge returns at the box-office which looks highly impossible this time around.

Musician A R Rahman looks like is going through a bad phase in his career as his CWG theme song had come in for much criticism and the music for this film is mediocre to his standards as none of the songs linger in the mind after the film gets over.

The movie has a running time of 170 minutes and is produced by Singanamala Ramesh Babu. The movie was originally intended to be taken as a bi-lingual with Pawan Kalyan playing the lead in Telugu version and Tamil actor Vijay playing the lead in the Tamil version. For reasons unknown Vijay did not show much interest on the project and hence only the Telugu version was finally pursued with.

It is no kushi this time around for the “Komaram Puli” Team.

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