What happens when you have a piece of paper that was written 50 years back with all tragic events listed exactly till date and also a few disasters that are waiting to happen. Knowing is such a movie that deals with the thrills of knowing the future that is to happen and the main characters get involved to find out the mystery behind the letter.

In the Year 1959 a group of students in a school sketch their imaginations of how the world will be 50 years from now and they put it in a time capsule which is to be opened in the year 2009. All students draw their imaginations of future world whereas Lucinda (Lara Robinson) a silent girl in the class writes down a series of numbers and puts it into the time capsule.

After 50 years in the Year 2009 John Koestler (Nicolas Cage) who is a professor in MIT and his son Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) who studies at the same school where the time capsule has been kept. When the day of the time capsule gets released Caleb gets the envelope written by Lucinda.

John at home sees that Caleb had brought that envelope home and he tells him to return it back to school the next day. In the night he accidentally analyses the numbers only to find out that each number is a combination of dates that points to the tragic events that had happened in the last 50 Years.

John then comes across three numbers which happens to be the combination of future dates where tragedy is waiting to happen. John then tries to find out the mystery behind the happenings but only to find out it was not a coincidence but something more to it.

The last date indicates that world will come to an end and for that John gets a broken clue for a safer place. John then along with Lucinda’s daughter Diana (Rose Byrne) her daughter Abby (Lara Robinson) and with Caleb run towards safety.

Will John be able to make the cut, will the predictions come true for the devastation or whether John was able to find out the missing link in the letter is what the “Knowing” is all about.

Nicolas Cage is at his best courtesy his National Treasure experience and he is equally supported by the remaining star cast. The screenplay is gripping and the execution on screen by director Alex Proyas is top class.

On the whole “Knowing” is worth watching.

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