A director who made a mark for himself in the international circuit with films like Girl, Interrupted, Identity, Walk the line and 3:10 to Yuma comes up with an entertaining display of action by Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz. The movie is lively throughout though there are possible flaws in the narrative but on the whole “Knight And Day” will never find itself in the list of great movies but it does definitely gives the viewers their money’s worth.

Roy Miller (Tom Cruise) and June Evans (Cameron Diaz) bump into each other accidentally at the airport where Roy makes a calculated move and within moments they find themselves in the midst of happenings at a scorching pace. Roy is basically a spy-gone-rogue types whereas June is an unassuming girl who is on the way to attend her sister’s wedding. June though reluctant in the beginning when Roy tells her what needs to be done gets into the thick of things much faster than anyone would expect. They travel from one place to another to keep them safe from the prying enemies and in the melee what the viewer gets is 104 minutes of adrenaline pumping action.

The movie does have shades of various hit films like “Catch the Thief” and to an extent “True Lies” but the director of the movie James Mangold seems to have got the pulse of the audience right and the sequences are constructed in such a way that such comparisons doesn’t crop up too often.

The movie is special for the fact that Tom Cruise is impeccable in his role and the on-screen chemistry that he shares with Cameron Diaz sets the house on fire. The movie obviously lacks logic else its impossible to show the lead pair travelling from one destination to another miles apart within minutes.

The buzz word for the film is action and to be honest the chase sequences are really mind-blowing. Cameron Diaz holds her forte even in the scene where she appears in a sensuous bikini. The lead pair who come together again after Vanilla Sky bond well together.

In the end after all the high-rush adrenaline the viewers slowly recognizes that there isn’t a concrete story in the film and whatever story that has been told is very patchy. If James Mangold had laid more emphasis on the story then this movie would have been a treat to watch. The best way to enjoy this movie is to step inside the theatre without any expectations which would work in favor of the movie.

“Knight And Day” rocks in action but an interesting screenplay is missing.

Trailer of Knight And Day:

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