In an era of super-hero and hi-tech action flicks comes a comic movie which more or less turns out to be an unintentional spoof on the various super-hero flicks seen before. What else can you say of a film which has an eight year old girl in the mask of a super-girl fighting men four times her age. Presence of Nicholas cage in the posters meant that the movie would be something worth watching but even when he joins in the melee the viewers are left dry and have no other option but to enjoy the movie without much conviction.

The movie is about the idea of a young boy who wants to become a super-hero and do good for his country. Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) plays the young super-hero aspirant and he move with his scuba diving suite which he ordered thro internet. He re-christens himself as Kick-Ass. Kick-Ass thinking that he is the only super-hero in town is surprised to note that there is Big Daddy (Nicholas Cage) and Hit-Girl for company.

Kick-Ass short on confidence gets the morale thumbs up from Big Daddy and Hit-Girl and all three fight the dreaded Dojo in town. Flashback would have it Big Daddy and his family were badly affected by Dojo and his men and its him who is going to take revenge.

Kick-Ass gets entangled in the cross fighting and that’s when another super-hero in Red Mist (Chris) comes into the fray and uniting with Kick-Ass pretending to fight Dojo. In the end when Kick-Ass finds out the true identity of Red Mist things are tad too late and life changes completely for him and Hit-Girl.

In terms of acting there is absolutely nothing worthy of mention except in a few scenes were Hit-Girl displays her wit with aplomb. Nicholas Cage is like wasted to the core and one wonder what made him to accept the role of Big Daddy until and otherwise a super-hero role was his dream come true.

The movie directed by Matthew Vaughn does not move at a rapid pace instead it takes its own sweet time to transition from one sequence to another. In the end its the audience who bear the brunt and few of them might enjoy this spoof but for others its just waste of time.

“Kick-Ass” fails to inspire and entertain.

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