It is quite difficult to understand how an actor of Arjun’s class and calibre agreed to act in a B-grade flick like “Kattupuli”. The movie looses its grip on the viewers in the first few minutes when the viewer gets to know that it is a dubbed film. To top it all the other actors in the cast who are starters in Bollywood look totally out of place. Stunt master Tinu Verma’s so called Kollywood debut is nothing more to do than the last five minutes of the film where we get to see Arjun’s lip sync with the Tamil dialogues.

Dr. Sanjay (Arjun) with his wife Dr. Shivani (Biyanka Desai) and kid Anjali (Dhanya) go on a picnic and en-route due to a traffic jam, they are forced to detour through a dense forest. In the forest, there is already a couple of lover pairs stuck courtesy their car develops a problem.

Dr. Sanjay along with the lovers together set to cross the forest when they overcome problems too many and in the melee, one pair gets killed. When Dr. Sanjay continue to find the way out of the forest, they understand the dark side of the forest and the people who create all the ruckus.

Does Dr. Sanjay and other safely make good their escape from the deadly gang that terrorises the forest? The answer is in the remaining part of the movie. To be honest, the movie isn’t a bit interesting and the screenplay couldn’t get any worse. The idea behind the story is taken from the film “Vertige”.

In terms of acting, Arjun has toiled hard and put in his best effort to make sure that in the mediocre product, his work does stand out. Apart from Arjun, other actors are just way below average. The couple of songs which look out of place looks like are included only for the skimpy skin show the girls display.

The movie which runs for 130 minutes does tempt you to walk out of the film much before it draws to a close.

“Kattupuli” is an absolute time waster.

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