Karuppan MovieVijay Sethupathi as actor had a niche skill about choosing scripts that were refreshing and would click at the box-office. There were very few films of his that sunk at the box-office and that earned him the tag of a safe bet hero in Kollywood. From a man of such intricate knowledge choosing a film like “Karuppan” is baffling to say the least.

“Karuppan” is about a typical rural run-of-the-mill story without much twists or turns. Vijay Sethupathi as protagonist is happy go lucky guy who carries all the traits of a character that would make any girl fall over. Tanya who plays the female lead falls for him after a marriage proposal agreed with Vijay Sethpathi by her brother (Pasupathi) over Jallikattu.

What happens post the marriage and what are the hurdles that the lead pair come across in their life is in this film directed by R Paneerselvam. Bobby Simha after a decision to act in only lead roles has taken up the antagonist role but with a poor characterization the killer punch expected in certain circumstances goes missing.

Director seem to have let the plot out so soon and easily which doesn’t hold any suspense and to make matters worse the plot per se too had been witnessed numerous time before in all language films.

Singampuli is back with a bang in a comic role which augurs well. A special mention needs to be given to a certain sequence prior to interval when he along with Vijay Sethupathi literally provide a laugh riot which is appreciable. But here too the film treading into a different path post interval fails to place the comic sequences to good effect. Few Jallikattu scenes have been well shot but beyond that its just ordinary stuff.

In terms of acting, there is nothing special that has been dished out by actors to write about. Vijay Sethupathi brings in the rustic look required for the character while Tanya is a good choice for the character that she portrays. The entire entourage have not shed too much sweat in this film which is quite evident.

Producer A M Rathnam who was once sought after in Kollywood as producer had started to find his feet again after a long hiatus. But films like this is definitely going to set him back by couple of paces.

“Karuppan” inspite of all commercial elements present, just fails to connect.

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