KanithanTalent alone will not take one places and there needs to be an element of luck to make it big and the same holds good for actor Atharva. Inspite of talent by his side, lady luck hasn’t been kind to him thus far. He has never had that blockbuster hit in his kitty yet and with every film he seems to be continuously improving as an actor with substance.

In his latest release “Kanithan” it is undoubtedly on display that Atharva has made good strides as an actor compared to his raw acting in his debut film “Banaa Kathadi”. This “Kanithan” deals with the fake education certificate scam and the racket behind it. Director TN Santhosh wastes no time in unnecessary establishing of facts and he hits the highway up and running right from the word go.

The film more or less holds steam for major part of its 145 minutes running time and for a change the storyline doesn’t veer to unnecessary masala elements barring an item number with the leading lady Catherine Teresa where she sizzles in a costume to please the front benchers. The film from a steady pace falls drastically towards the latter part where an unnecessary song sequence brings the tempo of the film to an almost screeching halt.

The end though is a no-brainer as it follows the conventional route where good prevails over evil. T N Santhosh though had taken a good subject to deal with, his treatment of the same somehow falters badly. If the film had crossed the line with a gripping finish, it would have been a worthy entertainer but in the current form, it just fails to enthral the audience.

In terms of acting, Atharva as the male lead has done his part perfectly well and Catherine Teresa though doesn’t have a significant role in a hero centric film, does what she is expected.   Tarun Arora as the charismatic villain does a convincing role and his acting is commendable. This film is sure to open more opportunities for him in Kollywood.

Music by Drums Sivamani serves the purpose and other supporting actors like K Bhagyaraj, Sunder Ramu and Karunakaran to name a few have acted in their roles with conviction. Producer Kalaipuli S Thanu should keep his fingers crossed to know the fate of the film at the box-office.

If director TN Santhosh has not taken his foot off the pedal at the wrong moment, this film would have created a notable impression at the box-office and at the moment it seems to be a dicey commodity in the race.

“Kanithan” could have been better.

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