“Kanchana” which is the sequel to the 2007 film “Muni” is a mixed bag of sorts. Mixed bag for the reason that it blends both horror and comedy and to be honest it is this aspect that has kind of played spoil sport in the overall scheme of things. The movie neither qualifies to be a complete horror film nor a full length comedy film. Raghava Lawrence who apart from playing the lead role has written and directed the film and he has definitely done a better job compared to what he did in “Muni”.

Raghava (Rahava Lawrence) is a carefree guy who is passionate about cricket and lives with his brother Sriman and mother Kovai Sarala. Raghava is shit scared about ghosts and for that matter he doesn’t even leave his mom alone at night. Such a kind of character is the perfect foil for the ghost to have as its host and that’s what happens in this “Kanchana”. Priya (Lakshmi Rai) comes in as the sister of Raghava’s sister-in-law and he always drools about her. When things go fine and it looks like the ghost is going to come from somewhere, bang comes the ghost into the house in the form of a cricket equipment.

The presence of the ghost is felt by Kovai Sarala and Raghava’s Sister-in-law Devadarshini. Once they both confirm that the ghost has indeed made their house as its place, they try all possible ways to throw the ghost away and in one such attempt they bring in a Muslim peer who gets to know the real reason of why the ghost has made Raghava its host and it promises to leave him once its intended job is finished. The movie goes to flashback mode where Kanchana (Sarath Kumar) playing an eunuch is murdered by a greedy MLA (Devan) for snatching away a land owned by Kanchana and its retribution time for Kanchana who has come back to avenge her death by murdering the MLA.

Does Kanchana achieve her goal or not is in the remaining part of the film. The movie which has a running time of 155 minutes has its plus point as well as its minus points. Plus is that the movie does not belong to the top league but it does muster enough substance to be rated in the average category. The minus point though is that the execution of the scenes lack finesse. The songs are of poor standards and one song which is supposed to be a duet between Raghava Lawrence and Lakshmi Rai actually looks like an item number.

In terms of acting, Raghava playing the lead role in the film has done a good job especially in the scenes where his body is in control of Kanchana. Lakshmi Rai looks like she is in the film only to show plenty of skin as she moves around in skimpy costumes. Sarath Kumar as the eunuch has really done a fantastic job. Other actors support the main cast to the required extent possible.

Music by Thaman is mediocre stuff and the songs are total disasters. Editing could have been a little more crisper. The movie should be a profitable proposition at the box-office considering the fact that B & C centre audience would like the correct dosage of comedy, romance, sentiment and horror in the film. Multiplex audience might find the film a little off-track. The news at the end of the film for the audience is that this “Muni Part 2” will have a sequel coming out in the near future.

“Kanchana” could have been more thrilling without the unnecessary comedy scenes.


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