“Kaminey” meaning scoundrel is a racy entertainer based on the darker side of Mumbai city which is into drugs and illegal activities. Director Vishal Bhardwaj after his brave attempt in Omkara (2006) (which was an indian adaptation of Othello) has come up with this venture which from start to finish concentrates on the life of two identical twins who chose their own way of life.

Charlie and Guddu (Shahid Kapoor) are twins who are born and raised in the slums of Mumbai. Charlie the most active and notorious amongst the two moves ahead fast in life whereas Guddu happens to be little slow and at the same time stammers his words and also in his life.

Charlie deals with a bigger gang which gets itself involved in betting on jockeys and in one such race Charlie loses a lakh due to fixing. Charlie then decides to take things in his own hands and creates maximum damage across. His aim in life is to always take the shortest shortcut in life.

Guddu works in a NGO and his lady love Sweety (Priyanka Chopra) who gets pregnant decide to marry each other. Sweety’s brother happens to be a don in Mumbai and all hell break loose when he comes to know of his sister’s love affair.

In the midst of all this there comes two africans for want of drugs worth Crores. As the plot unfolds all get involved in the melee and what happens to each individual and their belongings is packaged into a capsule called as “Kaminey”.

Shahid Kapoor has  brought in subtle variations in the body language between the characters of Charlie and Guddu. Priyanka Chopra though not a glamorous role by her standards does a neat job.

Vishal Bhardwaj had decided to keep the mood of the entire film dark to portray his characters in the right climate. The script though with minor glitches keeps the audience glued to their seats.

“Kaminey” the darker side of life portrayed on celluloid in darkness.

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