Kalyana Samayal Saadham MovieDirector Prasanna’s “Kalyana Samayal Saadham” is a film that is tailor made for the youth of today. In the current society, anything related to sex is considered a taboo and hence a film with a sexual flavor subject tends to turn heads away from it especially for the family audience. However, the film doesn’t tread on the vulgarity track instead it travels on a funny track which is for most part enjoyable.

The film begins on a typical Tamil family who start planning about their daughter’s wedding right from the time she is born and the planning continues till the time the actual wedding takes place. Raghu (Prasanna) walks in to see Meera (Lekha Washington) as his prospective bride. As things would pan out, the story sails at a smooth pace until the unexpected twist drops a bombshell.

In fact, till that moment the film does qualify to be a safe family viewing subject but once the  bombshell explodes on screen, it tends to kind of make the orthodox minded family uncomfortable. Once the main subject takes pace and moves on, the scenes are constructed in such a way that it is absolutely in sync.

Prasanna as an actor has done a decent job in this film as his role doesn’t demand something out of ordinary from him. Lekha Washington as the female lead wins the heart of the viewers as her characterization and the way she has carried it on her shoulders needs special mention.

The main star of this film is its director R S Prasanna who has treaded on a tricky path with success. The comedy scenes really make sense and the screenplay totally compliments a simple one-liner. The dialogues are carefully worded so that there is no chance of any controversy cropping out of this low budget entertainer.

Supporting actors like Delhi Ganesh, Uma Padmanabhan, Raghav and  Dr. Sharmila to name a few have put in decent performances that support the storyline. Music by Arrora is noteworthy especially the single “Mella Sirithai” which is a chartbuster. Other technical aspects have been taken care of well by people who are yet to make a mark for themselves in the industry.

“Kalyana Samayal Saadham” with a running time of 130 minutes should do good box-office business at the metros but outside the metros, it is a doubtful proposition mainly due to its subject. Apart from a dragging climax, the film overall scores well.

This film is definitely a well-made adult comedy and an absolute stress buster.

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