Director Sundar C known for his comic capers has once again tried his hands in another all-out comedy which has Vimal and Shiva in the lead. The director known for his trademark comic screenplay has taken a simple subject and laced it with doses of comedy which works well but only in patches.

The story takes place in the temple town of Kumbakonam and its about Seenu (Vimal) wanting to run his ancestral hotel successfully and hence being more responsible. On the other hand there is his brother Raghu (Shiva) who after serving a one year jail term arrives in parole.

Seenu is a caring person taking care of Maya (Oviya) and her grandfather. He is bankrupt but in the zeal to turn the almost defunct hotel into a profitable one, he borrows money from Anjuvatti Azhagesan (Ilavarasu). Trouble walks in the shape of Madhavi (Anjali) a sanitation inspector at Kumbakonam walking in to seal the hotel due to the conditions in which it is run. Bankrupt Seenu runs from pillar to post to save his hotel where Raghu steps in to help his brother in the most unusual manner.

Before things could get more serious, Madhavi and Seenu fall in love and on the other hand cupid strikes between Raghu and Maya. There is also another track where a mobile phone is being sought after by one gang while it changes from one person to another. The story moves on without being clear on what the director is wanting to say but making it very obvious that all he wants to bring in are the comic scenes and laced with it is the so called storyline.

In the end when everyone runs from pillar to post to save the ancestral hotel and the gang hell bent on getting back the possession of the mobile, there is utter chaos and confusion which draws this “Kalakalappu” with the tagline “Masala Cafe” to a close. Post interval there is Vettupuli (Santhanam) bringing in more comedy to the table but overall his comedy doesn’t make much difference to a film which has so much comedy scenes in it already.

In terms of acting, Vimal and Shiva haven’t done significantly anything different but the way they have enacted the comedy sequences are watchable. Ilavarasu with his various get-ups scrapes through while Santhanam isn’t at his best in this film.

The ladies have made everyone sit-up and make notice but not in terms of their acting but the oodles of skin show they display on screen. In the quest to be the “HOT” property of Kollywood, both Anjali and Oviya have been very generous in the display of their navel and cleavage. Anjali especially after acting in meaningful roles in films like “Angadi Theru” and “Engeyum Eppothum” has gone to an extent of almost bare it all to gain a recognition as a glamorous heroine amongst the others wanting to make a mark in the industry and this generous skin show is sure to get her more such roles. The girls have left a very thin line between calling this skin show as glamorous than vulgar.

Sundar C’s films ending were never been crisp and so is this one. The climax which should have been for five minutes runs close to twenty minutes thereby not bringing in the punch a film needs to have at the end. Music by Vijay Ebenezer is nothing worthy of mention.

“Kalakalappu” with a running time of 150 minutes is game-on for those who has a liking for mindless comedy but for others, this film wouldn’t be of much interest. The film might end up doing good business at the box-office.

Overall, this “Kalakalappu” needs good amount of popcorn for company.


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