Kadal-MovieMani Ratnam is one of the most respected directors of Indian Cinema for the reason that though some of his creations have failed to create the buzz at the box-office, his works were an example of class and finesse. Right from his first film in “Pallavi Anu Pallavi” (Kannada) where he showcases the relationship between a young boy with an older woman and in a film like “Bombay” where he had in a poetic way displayed the love angle between a Hindu boy and a Muslim girl. A man who had proved his mettle as a director in various genres through his films over the years somehow seems to have lost it all in his latest film “Kadal”.

The hype for the film though weren’t hitting sky high compared to his previous films but for a Mani Ratnam film there are bound to be certain expectations which were not catered to in this film. First and foremost there has to be a credible story which is completely missing in the film. The entire plot is loose and one wonders what made Mani Ratnam take up this story which was written by Jayamohan.

Sam (Aravind Samy) and Bergmen (Arjun) meet in a Christian bible school. Sam is the most god-fearing types while Berclays is the fun-loving type. Bergmen decides to walk out of the school due to an incident for which Sam happens to be a witness. On the sidelines there is another story in a village wherein a small boy who hugs his mother tightly and sleeps unaware that his mother is dead.

After few years, Sam comes as a church priest to a village where the orphaned boy Thomas grows up. When the small boy grows up to be a young man (Gautham Karthik) under the guidance of “Father” Sam, what happens to him, why and where he meets his lady love in Beatrice (Thulasi). Do Sam and Bergmen cross path again is all about in this “Kadal”.

There seems to be some story but in the film which has a running time of 165 minutes, except for the initial scene where the small boy loses his mom and cries over her body, the impact factor in the film fails to even take-off. The screenplay written jointly by Mani Ratnam and Jayamohan is pathetically purposeless. The major factors that work against the film are its story, screenplay and most importantly the dialect in which the characters converse.

What works for the movie is the brilliant cinematography of Rajiv Menon, it should be surprising if this film doesn’t win few awards for cinematography. A R Rahman’s songs which didn’t create the buzz a Mani Ratnam – A R Rahman’s combination would do normally are well picturized. However, the chart buster “Nenjukulle” rendered by Shakthishree Gopalan goes without notice as it is used like a background score.

The moral of the story “Good wins over evil” is fine but there has to be a story to tell the moral which goes missing big time. The important twists in the film are predictable (a rarity in Mani Ratnam’s films) and another major spoiler is the pace of the film. The pace is so bad that the viewer feels a bit relieved as early as and when the Intermission arrives.

In terms of acting, comparing the two experienced actors Arvind Samy pips out Arjun predominantly due to the screen time given and also the role which Arvind Samy plays has more depth than that of Arjun’s. Undoubtedly, “Kadal” is the comeback vehicle for Arvind Samy. In the debutant’s space between Gautham and Thulasi, its Thulasi who holds the upper hand but both of them needs to have more training and exposure to really make a mark for themselves in acting. Thulasi in a few angles resembles her mother in ditto while Gautham doesn’t too much with his father.

The other members of the cast includes Ponvannan, Lakshmi Manchu, Kalai Rani and “Delhi” Mani to name a few. Overall, Mani Ratnam leaves his die-hard fans and his audience at sea confused as to why he made this film and what he wants to say through this film. On a lighter note, his previous film “Raavanan” seems to have had more spice compared to this film.

“Kadal” lucky to have garnered more screens in Tamil Nadu, thanks to the “Vishwaroopam” controversy is sure to bite the dust pretty fast at the box-office.

“Kadal” disappoints big time.


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