The title indicates that the movie is a full-fledged masala fare. But, there needs to be a difference in the masala else it will not be liked by all. Jiiva who wanting to build a mass hero image has blindly accepted to do this “Kacheri Aarambam” (Concert Begins). Concert here meaning the action between the hero and the villain. Debutant director Thiraivannan having decided to play safe by choosing a conventional subject has fared badly in terms of execution.

The storyline is pretty flat with Pari (Jiiva) fighting against Sivamani (J D Chakravarthy) to free his lady love Mathi (Poonam Bajwa). The way the screenplay is structured around these three individuals has turned this movie into a dud. The clash sequences between the hero and villain has been witnessed numerous times before in tamil cinema.

Vadivelu who has been roped in to provide the comic element has once again been a repetition of his previous movies and hence the comic sequences turn out to be tragic. In terms of acting Jiiva and J D Chakravarthy lack the fire power especially in the climax when they lock horns the villain rather surrenders tamely and let the heroine walk away with the hero which totally defies logic comparing the characterization that the director had portrayed in the beginning.

Poonam Bajwa does nothing more than appearing in a few scenes and exposing in the songs. To be honest with the movie there is loads of crap packed into a 2hr 30 mins movie which leaves the viewer exhausted in the end.

Do not waste time and money to witness this “Kacheri Aarambam”.


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