“Kaavalan” was a movie that was a real test for Vijay outside the cinema arena. The movie was in turbulence with regard to its release and it was importantly a prestige issue for the actor to make sure that the film got released for Pongal. There were too many things said and read in between the lines and in the end the film finally managed to hit the screens on 15th Jan 2011 which has brought in cheers to his fans who were not sure whether the film would get released or not 24 hours back.

The movie is a remake of the Malayalam film “Bodyguard” and director Siddique who had written and directed the original is in-charge of Story, Screenplay and Direction for the Tamil version also. It looks like a conscious decision by Vijay to choose a subject that is different from his usual mass hero subject films as his recent releases bombed in the box-office like nine pins.

“Kaavalan” is no where near to be called a typical Vijay film but the movie has a logical framework within which the story has been told and in terms of execution, it can’t get any better. The major drawback however is that Vijay finds it very hard to come out of the mass-hero mould and hence this film does fail to impress the audience. In fact even his die-hard fans are finding it difficult to accept their star acting in a subdued subject like this.

The movie kick starts with Muthuramalingam (Rajkiran) a powerful don on his way back helps a pregnant woman to the hospital and he also names the new born boy as Bhoominathan. Bhoominathan (Vijay) is a guy who would go any distance to solve everyone’s problem with a strong dose of violence. Perturbed by this, his father (Nizhalgal Ravi) sends him to guard Muthuramalingam under the guise that there is imminent danger to his life.

Bhoominathan then on duty saves Muthuramalingam on a couple of instances which also gets him the wrath of Muthuramalingam’s wife Devika (Roja). Muthuramalingam’s daughter Meera (Asin) studies at VIT and considering the fact that there would be a danger to her life also, Muthuramalingam asks Bhoominathan to be her bodyguard.

Meera along with her friend Maadhu stays in her dad’s guest house with their bodyguard Bhoominathan. There is also Ammavasai (Vadivelu) who along with his fiancée join them so that it will be a helping hand at Chennai for the lead pair. Bhoominathan follows Asin to college in an uniform and when every time Meera gives the slip, he manages to trace her.

Meera irritated by this plays a prank on the disguise that she is some other girl who is in love with him only to distract his constant vigil on her. Things turn out to be different than expected which leads to a lot of trouble for the duo. In the end when everyone thinks that the movie is heading for a conventional finish, there is a twist in the tale which leaves the audience dumb stuck. What happens in the end and whether Meera gets to marry Bhoominathan is all about in the remaining part of the movie.

Vijay totally looks out of place in his acting as he has accepted a role which is difficult to essay for a mass-hero like him. Asin with her bad make-up has given an average performance. Rajkiran is a man of substance and he proves it once again with his acting in spite of him having limited screen time. Roja and M S Bhaskar have been completely wasted.

Vidyasagar’s music fails to create the desired impact while N K Egambaram’s cinematography is worth mentioning. Vadivelu along with Vijay brings the roof down with their comedy. Whatever said and done the screenplay is a major disappointment in the film as few sequences defy logic and the scenes are loosely held which in turn makes this “Kaavalan” a boring affair.

The movie has a running time of 150 minutes and it is very difficult to sustain the momentum at the box-office post its opening weekend.

“Kaavalan” turns out to be a dicey affair for Vijay.


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