The name Julia Child brings memories of soufflés, pastries and Beef Bourguignon. Though she had a stint with US Intelligence service during World War II Julia Child is the epitome of French cooking ably supported by her husband she was also a top TV chef for the aspiring women who wanted to make a mark for themselves in cooking during 1950’s.

On the other hand Julie Powell an underemployed woman instigated by her friends to become famous takes up a challenge to cook 524 recipes  in 365 days and blog it so that she can also become a famous personality. Julia Child’s story takes place during 1950 whereas Julie Powell’s story happens during 2002. Both the ladies had written books about cooking and themselves and this movie is based on these two true stories.

Julia Child (Meryl Steep) moves into France as her husband Paul Child (Stanley Tucci) gets a transfer there and after her initial days trying to kill time by making hats and other stuff lands herself in a cooking class at the famous Le Cordon Bleu. Julia then decides to publish a book on French cooking and she along with two of her friends start the venture which after a decade finally ends up as her sole responsibility.

Julie Powell (Amy Adams) an unappreciated worker decides to try out recipes from Julia Child’s book “Mastering the art of french cooking” and blogs it which brings in lot of followers be it a success or disaster. She even gets ingredients as gifts from her followers which keeps her going.

The movie runs to and fro between the lives of these two women and in the journey it showcases the true love these women had for cooking. The similarities between the two are that they had a supportive husband who would go any extent to please them and also both the ladies were successful in their respective attempts.

Julia Child enjoyed a luxurious life while Julie Powell lived a life which was studded with challenges. Julie Powell spent her one year of trying out 524 recipes living on top of a Pizzeria. Julia moved from one country to another based on her husband’s transfer while Julie lived in the same flat till lady luck smiled upon her.

Meryl Steep and Amy Adams have churned out mature performances in sync with the character roles they play. Since the movie is all about these two ladies, the men who support them aren’t given much importance.

Its not an easy task to make an interesting film based on the adaptation of a novel but director Nora Ephron has done a commendable job. You got to check out the movie then go to see her kitchen at the Smithsonian American History Museum!

“Julie & Julia” an interesting adaptation of true life stories on two fascinating women.

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