“Jonah Hex” is a typical western movie which transverses through the United States of America during its civil war period. The movie comes with a tagline “Revenge Gets Ugly” which indicates the general mood of the proceedings that one can expect. However, the movie though brilliant in parts fails to bring in the most required crispness to the proceedings considering that the running time of it is only 81 minutes.

Jonah Hex (Josh Brolin) fought for the Confederacy until the day when he was forced to betray his commanding officer Quentin Turnbull (John Malkovich) when the latter orders to bring down an hospital. In the ensuing battle Turnbull’s son gets killed by Jonah Hex and to avenge the loss Turnbull sets Jonah’s house on fire. Jonah’s wife and son gets killed in the fire and to rub more salt into the wound Turnbull brands Jonah’s face with an hot iron that leaves his face partially disfigured.

Jonah Hex with all vengeance tries to hunt for Turnbull and that’s when he comes to know that Turnbull has been killed in a fire accident. Jonah then becomes a bounty hunter and establishes himself in that trade.

Jonah then rides into the town of Stunk Crick and presents his latest bounty to the Sheriff only to realize that they had no intention of paying. Jonah finishes things in his own style and then heads for a brothel to spend the night with Lilah (Megan Fox). In the morning he is surrounded by President Grant’s (Aidan Quinn) men and that’s when he comes to know that Turnbull is still alive.

Jonah then starts to hunt for Turnbull and whether he succeeds in his conquest or not is told in the remaining part of the movie. The stunts in the film are good so is the make-up and special mention to Jonah’s face which is well created. In terms of acting Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Megan Fox and Aidan Quinn have done justice to their roles. The only justice not being done is the screenplay which could have been well constructed.

Director Jimmy Hayward who earlier made Horton hears a who! needs to be more pacy in the screenplay and execution. It is no doubt a well made action flick but there are certain spoilers which make this film a dull-fare.

“Jonah Hex” is an average film which has nothing special to boast off.

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