Akshay Kumar’s 100th film is supposed to be a landmark one for the actor. However, this film would be a landmark one for the not so obvious reason that it might be the quickest one of Akshay’s career to return to the lab. Director Shirish Kunder who apparently started shooting this film in 3D dropped the idea when his not so good friend in the industry Shah Rukh Khan had his two films “Ra One” and “Don 2” getting released in the 3D format.

It baffles to note that why the director did choose the title “Joker” for the film. There is seriously nothing funny in the film. Probably, one could say that there is nothing in the film. The plot has so many glitches that even an amateur film maker would think many a time before making a film of this quality.

Bollywood has seen many unrealistic stories being told on the big canvas but nothing can beat this “Joker”. Agasthiya (Akshay Kumar) returns to his village Paglapur which doesn’t have power or water connection. It is upon himself and his girlfriend Diva (Sonakshi Sinha) to make the world take notice and for that he needs to think crazy.

Babban (Shreyas Talpade) comes in as Agasthiya’s brother and he too joins the fun in speaking a language of his own. When Agasthiya comes up with an idea, that sounds extraordinary for the folks around him he succeeds to grab the world’s attention towards his village which doesn’t even get a mention in India’s map.

Does he sustain the attention or does it fizzle out is said in the latter half of the film. The film does drag badly considering the fact that it has a running time of only 105 minutes. The first half of the film is so sloppy that the interest dies down within the first 30 minutes or so.

In terms of scripting, Shirish Kunder has got into a zone of his own. The script is filled with so many mistakes. First, when Diva comes to the village, one baffling fact is that there are not even a single women folk in the village apart from her. Akshay says that there is no water or power supply to his village but one could see well grown crops there.

In terms of acting, Akshay has displayed a sober acting throughout. Shreyas Talpade looks a different actor when he is in a zone of his own and it is a pity that this talented actor doesn’t have many roles coming his way. Sonakshi Sinha after a successful debut in “Dabaang” and her second film “Rowdy Rathore” has slimmed down and looks more feminine in this film. Music by G V Prakash Kumar is nothing worthy of mention.

On the lighter side, there are few interesting moments in the film. One is the Chitrangada Singh’s item number and other, the songs in which Sonakshi displays her glamorous side.

Overall this Joker fizzles without a trace and is sure to be a non-performer at the box office.

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