“Jayeebhava” written and directed by Naren is a simple tale of two friends turning into foe at an young age and years later being united by their children who fall in love with each other. The entire story (B V S Ravi) has been well conceptualized and executed on screen. NTR Art Banner films have stuck to their superstition naming the hero and heroine of their last three films as Ram and Anjali.

Ram (Kalyan Ram) studying abroad is the son of Bhavani Shankar (Mukesh Rushi) a gang-leader and his arch rival in Narasimha (Jaya Prakash Reddy) are involved in civil contracts. Yadu (Ashish Vidyarthi) is a famous bookie based out of Hong Kong. Yadu at an young age happens to be the chief architect in creating the rift amongst the two friends.

Ram decides to stop the menace of Yadu travels to Hong Kong on the pretext of being a bookie only to turn Yadu into police net. At Hong Kong Ram meets the beautiful Anjali (Hansika Motwani) and after a couple of meetings they fall in love.

Ram then returns back to India only to find out that Anjali happens to be the daughter of Narasimha. Both Ram and Anjali come to know of the friendship between their fathers and decide to unite them by virtue of their marriage. Ram and Anjali then swap places to win-over the hearts of people in their respective in-law’s house. Yadu then comes back in the climax to add a minor twist in the tale but in the end his tactics does not yield any results and the families of Bhavani Shankar and Narasimha unite happily.

Kalyan Ram’s acting is mediocre and he being the lead actor should have put in a lot of effort. Hansika Motwani as Anjali looks stunning in few scenes and at the same time her acting is commendable. Ashish Vidyarthi’s role is too short to have an impact on the audience. Mukesh Rushi and Jaya Prakash Reddy looks apt and kudos to the director for the same. Comedy is supported by Raghu babu, Ali and Bramhanandam.

Music by Thaman is foot-tapping and all songs are attractive in the movie. Cinematography by Dasaradhi Sivendra (Mantra fame) is good. Gautam Raju’s slick editing has helped the movie retain its tempo throughout.

The only pain point in this movie is the story which has been inspired and seen in lots of Indian and foreign movies. We also wonder if there is any unwritten rule that the villains always unite by their kids who fall in love and its high time film makers think differently.

“Jayeebhava” old wine in a new bottle.

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