N K Viswanathan directed “Jaganmohini” which is a re-make of the 1978 Vittalacharya classic with the same name is a shabby package containing  amateurish graphics complimented by the over-exposing Namitha. The 1978 version had the viewers in awe due to the fact it was a trendsetter of sorts at that point of time when viewers had not experienced the thrills of computer graphics. But 30 years later if the makers still assumed they can cast the same magic spell across then they are totally mistaken.

The movie is a simple story of an evil sorcerer (kota Srinivasa Rao) who wants to control the universe by acquiring the colossal powers from evil gods. He does all sacrifices to please the gods and on the final day he even offers himself to the deity and in return he asks for the control of the universe in his fist.

When Kota Srinivasa Rao visits the fishing hamlet where the key to access the colossal power lies, he has to wait for few more days to strike at an auspicious day so that he becomes successful in his pursuit. In the same hamlet Riaz Khan is a prince who goes around looting people to amass  wealth.

Raja who belongs to another village gets washed away to the shore and then gets rescued by Namitha. Namitha and Raja then fall in love with each other and when all goes well she gets killed by the enemies. Namitha then unable to forget Raja then comes as a ghost to create havoc.

Nila as Azhagu Nachiyar who is also deeply in love with Raja also adds confusion to the proceedings and in the second half Namitha’s ghost avatar makes the viewer forget the proceedings and story on screen. Yuvarani comes in as Raja’s mother while yesteryear item girl Jyothi Lakshmi comes in as the mother of Mohini (Namitha) and also shakes her leg in a song.

The major attraction of this movie is the alarmingly high-level skin show by the voluptuous Namitha followed by Nila. Jyothi Lakshmi in revealing costumes is hard to digest whereas Yuvarani looks cool and composed in the role of Raja’s mother.

The major drawbacks this movie is that the graphics are awfully bad followed by the lack of standard in the slang they speak and  especially Namitha who switches from classical Tamil to ordinary Tamil and the logic behind the switching of slangs is unknown. Music by Illayaraja sounds good and special mention to the songs which has the maestro’s brilliance.

“Jaganmohini” – kids will like the graphics but not the movie.

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