Films with a social message will have a pull factor only if it is well taken. For those which doesn’t carry a good screenplay, however strong the social message in it might be the net result would be mediocre. Director R Kannan who has earlier whelmed 5 films has taken a social message in hand which inspite of the strong intent fails to captivate the audience.

Gautham Karthik and RJ Balaji play friends who together fight against a social evil. The plot and the screenplay seem to be perfectly on track till the interval stage but post that for some strange reason the narrative crispness suddenly goes for a toss. And to make matters worse, the climax falls perfectly into a run-of-the-mill category thereby draining away the opportunity of a different ending.

Shraddha Srinath plays the female lead and understandably her role is of insignificance in a hero dominated subject. A duet is in place only to make sure that the masala formula is being followed and having said that an item number going missing saves the day to an extent for the film.

With a running time of 120 minutes, the going should have been racy right from the beginning. But beyond midway the stumbling blocks in the pace are way too many thereby making this film an average flick.

Stunt master Super Subbarayan plays the antagonist and the characterization is too weak to be of any challenge to the proceedings. Director R Kannan who has been on a predictable wicket thus far in his career needs to be innovative in his next outing which could possible give him a long rope in Kollywood.

SS Thaman who has scored the music should move on to this next project and not worry about the success of this film’s music as there aren’t any songs / background score that had made anyone take notice of.

RJ Balaji is slowly pushing in the social messages that his mind would want to speak through comic sequences which is entertaining at the moment but if he is going to make that as a trademark in all his films, then his stint as a comedian would be short lived.

Gautham Karthik should consider this film as a platform to grab more of hero oriented roles. From his acting, it is abundantly evident that he has the potential to perform if a challenging role falls in his kitty.

“Ivan Thanthiran” watchable once if there are no other options available.

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