Inga Enna Solluthu MovieVTV Ganesh known for his roles in films like “Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya”, “Vaanam” and “Kanna Lddu Thinna Aasaiya” to name a few turns producer with this “Inga Enna Solluthu” (What does it Say here). VTV Ganesh plays the lead role in the film with his friends in the industry playing supporting roles. The film directed by Vincent Selva seems to have just one motive in hand that is to have the producer just playing the lead role.

“Inga Enna Solluthu” with a running time of 2 hours turns out to be damp squibs right from the word go. The film not knowing where to start creates a situation wherein VTV Ganesh starts narrating his story. There is Santhanam in the film and normally his name is associated with comedy sequences but in this film, they seem to have thought about differently but in the end they make a mockery of his character.

Silambarasan on a friendly note comes in a cameo role and so does Andrea who comes in exactly two scenes. There is also a surprise entry of Swarnamalya who seem to have put on loads of weight and is almost unrecognizable. Pandiarajan after a long time makes a brief appearance again in a role that is thrust into the scheme of things.

For a fact it is surprising to note that almost all actors seem to have been going through the motions when this film was shot. The only saving grace is the acting of talented Meera Jasmine who has infused whatever life she can into the film with her acting but that does nothing to the overall impact of the film.

On the whole VTV Ganesh would have got his wish of being the lead actor in a film fulfilled but for the viewer it’s really a disastrous experience. The film shot in exotic locales of London and Singapore seems to be one that would hardly create an impact in the box-office records it would be a miracle if the film stays on in the theatres beyond the opening weekend.

Technically, Ganesh and Vincent Selva have hired the best in business like Dharan Kumar for music but his work can be termed as mediocre. R D Rajashekar for Cinematography which is decent enough while the editing by Antony is at sea for most part of the film.

A film to win needs to have a good story coupled with a good screenplay and VTV Ganesh who was in charge of both seems to have taken things too lightly and the results are there for him to see.

“Inga Enna Solluthu” is a disastrous film that can be given a miss any day.

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