“Ilaignan” springs in a surprise for the viewers as it ends up being a film that has all commercial ingredients in it. The hero is down to earth and suits the character portrayed while the heroine is a homely girl and for the front benchers there is Namitha who has put on more weight and sizzles in costumes that are meant for appropriate reasons. This movie is Kalaignar Karunanithi’s 75th film and incidentally it is also director Suresh Krissna’s 50th film.

The movie is apparently a high-budget film with a reported cost of 25 crores. The actors chosen to essay the major roles in a film of such magnitude are surprisingly new comers. Lyricist Paa Vijay debuts as hero in this film while Meera Nambeesan plays the female lead. Meera Jasmine plays a pivotal role in the film and there are host of actors like Balasingh, Manivannan, Rajkapoor, “Kavithalaya” Krishnan, Delhi Ganesh and Y G Mahendran to name a few who have performed at ease in their roles.

The movie begins in the year 1959 where Deivanayagam (Sarathbabu) a ship building company owner hands over the reins of his company to his son Rajanayagam (Suman). Rajanayagam is a kind of person who is greedy and heartless and he makes sure that the people working in his company are tortured to the maximum. Sena (Namitha) plays the wife of Rajanayagam and she too has the same mentality of Rajanayagam.

Kargi (Paa Vijay), who is the son of Arockiasamy (Nasser) and Valliammal (Kushboo) is forced to work for the same ship building company where his father worked and right from day one its a battle within himself about how to bring a bright future to the people who are stuck in the place without any other option but to succumb to the pressures of Rajanayagam. The pressure gets too much when they are asked to work for 12-16 hours per day and if anyone questions or disobeys the orders, its doomsday for them.

Ramya (Meera Nambeesan) happens to be the love interest of Kargi and things go on smoothly between them till Meera (Meera Jasmine) lands from London to spend some time with her father Deivanayagam. Ramya suspects Meera that she might also be in love with Kargi which proves to be wrong. However, Meera gives a strong supporting hand to Kargi for his cause to free the people who are in the clutches of her brother.

When Kargi slowly creates a revolution against the high handedness of the capitalist boss which keeps the people motivated and raring to go for the final kill. Sena and Rajanayagam sniff that something is wrong and they plan a master counter act to fool everyone and succeed handsomely. But in the end Kargi and his counterparts take the betrayal to the next level which stuns the boss. In the end the movie closes on a happy note as Kargi gets his dream fulfilled.

The movie comes as a surprise package from “Kalaignar” Karunanithi as the story and screenplay is fresh and intentional use of any poems or punch dialogues has been avoided. Director Suresh Krissna with the vast amount of experience he has had made sure that with a huge budget at his disposal, he makes the best use of it to provide a family entertainer.

The movie though strong in most places, looses the sting towards the end and the climax is the major spoiler as the fight between Hero and Villain drags much beyond of what is required.

The movie is said to have been taking place in the late 50’s has its flaws in terms of costumes that were selected to be used in the film. It is surprising to note that during the late 1950’s, Denim shirts and Jeans pants were famous and worn by many.

Paa Vijay is definitely not exemplary in his acting but has not done a bad job considering that this was his first film as an actor. Meera Nambeesan hasn’t much to do so is the case with Meera Jasmine. Suman emotes expressions to good effect while Namitha scores average with her acting.

Music by Vidyasagar is effective to sustain the mood of the film while the Art direction by Thotta Tharani is simply wonderful. Vadivelu as Isaac Armugam provides the comic relief to the film which goes well with the audience. The movie has a running time of 150 minutes and is more likely to have a decent run at the box-office.

“Ilaignan” could have been made better.

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