Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal Movie ReviewDirector S R Prabhakar and Udayanithi Stalin had wonderful debut as director and actor in “Sundarapandian” and “Oru Kal Oru Kannadi” respectively. When they both joined hands to bring out a romantic comedy, all eyes were on the duo for their collaborative effort in “Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal”. The film produced by Udayanithi himself had lot of pre-release promos working for the film and in sync with the title the film had a grand release on Valentine’s day.

The film to begin with begins on a serious note in Madurai when a town bus drives into a hospital with a patient in critical condition. The movie then moves to flashback mode to Coimbatore where the so called establishment for the story line takes place and the only difference here is that normally in a film, it takes 15-20 or maximum 30 minutes to establish a base for the story line but in this film, even after an hour of running time there seems to be nothing established.

There is Kathirvelan (Udayanithi Stalin) who comes to Coimbatore to make sure his sister’s (Chaya Singh) misunderstanding with her husband is sorted. There he sees Pavithra (Nayanthara) and it is anyone’s guess that its love at first sight. For so called comedy, there is Mayivaganam (Santhanam) who replicates his role from where he left in “OK OK” that of a friend who helps him in his love.

The film then throughout its running time of 156 minutes tries to tell a love story between Kathirvelan and Pavithra and the so called hindrances they face. To be honest, it is a pain to sit through the entire film. Santhanam who brought the roof down with his comedy in “OK OK” fails to even achieve 10% of that. S R Prabhakaran who had a well-knit script in “Sundarapandian” seems to have forgotten everything in his second film and has dished out a nothing script for this big banner extravaganza.

Music by Harris Jeyaraj is nowhere near the standards he had set for himself and one gets a feeling that he has just copied the tunes from “OK OK”. In terms of acting, Udayanithi seems to have carried in the same vein as he did in his debut film. Nayanthara doesn’t have a challenging role to perform but she having been hired for the film does a decent job and not to mention the short skirt she wears in the song sequence to please the front benchers.

Supporting cast includes Chaya Singh, Saranya, Sunder Ramu (as villain!), Naren and Jayaprakash to name a few and they have all given in a mediocre to decent performance. The film is definitely starring down the barrel in the box-office race and so many films getting released week after week, the film will be shown the door shortly. The huge initial publicity for this film might not help it beyond the opening weekend.

“Idhu Kathirvelan Kadhal” is a boring love story.

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