The Ice Age Franchise has been over the years great fun to watch. However, when nothing new is added to the forthcoming installments of the same franchise, things tend to go a bit awry and that’s what has exactly happened in the fourth installment of the highly successful Ice Age Series.

The film begins with the trademark introduction of acorn-addicted squirrel Scrat still in the quest for the all elusive nut paving the way for the continent to drift away from each other. Mammoth Many (Voice of Ray Romano) gets separated from his family in a huge chunk of ice berg along with the Sabre-tooth Diego (Denis Lieary) and Sloth Sid (John Leguizamo).

The group headed by Many tries to re-unite themselves with the herd and the adventures too begin to unveil. They get picked by a band of Pirates headed by Captain Gutt (Voice of Peter Dinklage) and amongst the pirates, Diego manages to find his lady love in Shira (Voice of Jenifer Lopez). Manny and the team tries to make good an escape and did they make it and what happened to Diego’s love affair is all about in this “Ice Age 4 : Continental Drift”.

As told earlier, just introduction of new characters in the main storyline isn’t going to bring much excitement to the table and having said that this film is still funny and enjoyable. On the flip side is that there is nothing new that the characters have to offer in this film. The charm of the funny trio of Manny, Diego and Sid seems to have faded quite drastically. Also, considering the fact that the third installment “Ice Age : Dawn of the Dinosaurs” wasn’t all that great in terms of the excitement quotient meant that there was more pressure on the makers to deliver some thing that was very creative and different from its predecessors which is not the case in this film.

The plot might look absurd but the family and friendship values which have been the core of Ice Age films gets a stronger treatment in this film. Overall, this film will enthrall the family audience especially the kids for the improved graphics coupled with 3D technology. The actual movie has a running time of 80 minutes followed by the titles which runs for a good 12 minutes making it a 92 minute film.

The box-office might still love this “Ice Age 4” as it is sure to bring in good collections but on the hindsight for the viewers, the enthusiasm which was present when “Ice Age 1” was released has definitely reduced after this sequel.

“Ice Age 4: Continental Drift” is funny but at the same time it could have been more better in terms of the narration given to it.

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