When debutant director Mark Tonderai decided to direct “Hush” as his first film he knew that he had an interesting subject of human trafficking to deal with. The director has handled this subject interestingly by bringing in the love between the two central characters in Beth and Zakes. The movie which has funding from the UK Film Council is sleek with approx 97 minutes running time. The entire movie is set in a manner that all events unfold in one night.

Zakes (william Ash) who is a poster boy travels through the state highway reaching across the service stations to change the posters in the signboards takes along with him his girl friend Beth (Christine Bottomley) who unexpectedly come across a white lorry involved in human trafficking and he does not take it seriously and does his own work.

Beth pretty annoyed by this attitude of Zakes urges him to immediately inform the police. Zakes and Beth move on and later a minor misunderstanding between the two makes Beth take her own way back home.

Zakes finding Beth missing and and taken away by the same human trafficker (Andreas Wisniewski). Zakes decides to take things on his own hands and chases the villain by car, foot and whatever possible means. Zakes then gets tortured, crucified and goes through lot of pain before he reaches the trafficking den of the villain.

Whether Zakes is able to find Beth or is it the villain who has the last laugh is what this “Hush” is all about. This movie definitely worth your money is fast-paced and at the same time logical in the execution.

The movie also touches upon the moral responsibility of  every individual when they see something amiss in front of them and also reminds us one more time of the nasty human trafficking web.

“Hush” a racy entertainer with a subtle message for every individual.

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