In a movie where its heroine is expected to bare it all in the pretext that it is required for the establishment of the character nothing much can be expected from it except for the audacious skin show by its leading lady. When the heroine who is supposed to bare it all happens to be Mallika Sherawat then it is nothing short of a visual treat for the front benchers. There is so much in the story line that has been wasted by its director Jennifer Lynch and instead she chose to bank on the sex-appeal of the actress.

The movie does have its share of graphics but it proves to be of B-grade much to the dismay of the audience. The screenplay is bad, acting is no where appreciable and songs are way below the mark. The movie does remind the viewers about two films of yesteryear namely Rajkumar Kohlis’ Naagin (1976) and Harmesh Malhotra’s Naagina (1986). Both the movie had one theme and that is about the revenge of the naagin.

When the same plot is being taken in the present era the viewers who have exposure to world cinema and by normal standards the quality of film making has grown leaps and bounds in Bollywood the expectations are generally pegged high. Hiss however fails miserably in satisfying this need.

The story is about an American George (Jeff Doucette) who comes to India in search of naagin and captures the mate of an ichaadari nagin. Avenged by this the Ichaadari nagin transforms itself into a woman (Mallika Sherawat) and steps into the present civilization with vengeance on full throttle but at the same time  unaware of the culture and habits of present day people. She happens to be the cause of certain murders and that’s when Vikram (Irrfan Khan) a police officer steps in as the responsibility of solving the murder cases is entrusted upon him.

Whether the mystery behind the murder gets solved or whether the Naagin was successful in its bid to take revenge is all about in the latter half of the movie. As mentioned earlier all the actors have been grossly wasted excepted for Mallika Sherawat who goes full monty for the role.

Director Jennifer Lynch has undertaken an infamous journey which has backfired badly and its high time she makes amends in her next movie. The movie has a running time of 85 minutes. Actress Divya Dutta who comes as Vikram’s wife is wasted in the role.

“Hiss” is a mediocre B-grade flick.

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