Rani Mukherji as an actress is no pushover when it comes to taking up challenging roles. But her long hiatus from tinsel world hasn’t done any good to the seasoned actress, else how could one describe her mediocre performance of a woman affected by Tourette’s Syndrome in this Hichki (Hiccup). The intention of adapting “Front of the class” is noteworthy but the final product doesn’t pack the necessary impetus a subject of this nature should have had.

The storyline isn’t a million-dollar secret as the official trailer of 150 seconds lets the cat out of the bag. Rani Mukherji lands her dream job of being a teacher in a prestigious school but her class is out of the ordinary for all the wrong reasons. Does she succeed in getting the class in order or does she succumb to the failure is in this Hichki which has a running time of just over 120 minutes.

Director Siddharth Malhotra had to be appreciated for taking up an unconventional story-line but the final product doesn’t create the desired impact. The sympathy factor on the students goes missing while the feeling of success too hasn’t been well showcased in the film which lets the film down badly.

The ending begged to be different but it just fell too flat on the face sans any major twist which was on the expected lines considering how the film panned out thus far. Without a riveting screenplay and a supposed villain who turns the leaf at the end, nothing seems to help the cause of this film.

The film isn’t expected to do roaring business at the box-office and it wouldn’t be a surprise if it is rushed out of theatres within a short span of time. Having said that only good aspect about this “Hichki” is that it is nothing but a supposed feel-good film. The final result being a thumbs down as the team behind this project haven’t delivered the goods in the desired manner.

With a lot of Hiccups, this film stays true to its title.

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