Horror genre films in Bollywood are coming out by the dozen and one similarity that all films share in common is that none of the films have the thrill or the spookiness that is expected. The ideas end-up being similar with minor changes being made to an otherwise mundane storyline all recent horror flicks in Bollywood have sunk without a trace. The latest casualty to join the list is “Help” directed by Rajeev Virani. Rajeev would have thought that the sex-appeal glamour of Mugdha Godse will add more spice to the proceedings which unfortunately is not the case to be in this flick.

The movie is all about Pia (Mugdha Godse) married to Vic (Bobby Deol) who is a filmmaker by profession. Pia and Vic go through a tumultuous phase in their personal life and suddenly they have to rush to Mauritius as Pia’s father has suffered a heart attack. Pia finds out in Mauritius that she is pregnant.

Pia visits the house where she grew-up and immediately she is haunted by her past where she lost her twin sister to a freak accident and things look like her spirit is back to seek revenge on everyone. Vic who refuses blatantly to acknowledge Pia’s fear pacifies her that things are fine around them. Things around them does not turn out to be normal as one would expect. Pia gets possessed by a spirit and Vic who faces the brunt of the spirit decides to fight against it to save his pregnant wife.

Vic takes help of Dr. Aditya Motwani (Shreyas Talpade) to wade a battle against the spirit. Whether VIC and Dr. Aditya get to save Pia or not is all about in this “Help”. The movie has a running time of 115 minutes and the final shot of the film indicates to the viewers that the director has left a scope for a sequel to be made which is unlikely to happen considering how bad this film is made.
The major spoiler in the film consists of everything that one could think of. The acting is of sub-standard quality from all actors so is the background score. Director Rajeev should have spent more time in the scripting stage of the film as the entire movie is neither scary nor entertaining. The only positive out of the film is the uninhibited skin show by Mugdha Godse where she shows as much cleavage as possible and a special mention on the Bikini scene where she sizzles at her sensuous best which is a mouth-watering treat for the front benchers.

The other cast include Salim Fateh and Sophia Handa. The editing is choppy and in many places the screen goes blank instead of a smooth transition. The flaws in the screenplay are too many to mention. Director Rajeev Virani has made a flick that is sure to sink without a trace in the box-office.

Nothing can be done to save this “HELP”.

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