Movies that belong to the horror genre tends to be of two types wherein the first one will be really spooky with some scary stuff and the second one will be such that the intended horror will neither terrify you nor jerk you out of your seat. Movies in the first category would be worth the money but the major spoiler would be the ones that fall in the second category and that is where this “Haunting of Winchester House” falls in. The movie from the beginning fails to scare the viewer and also the sequence of events are quite predictable. If the director Mark Atkins thought that the ending might be a surprise to the audience he has got it all wrong as such endings have been repeated in lot of horror movies before.

The movie begins with a sequence suggesting that the house is haunted and the next tenant on the house are going to experience a roller-coaster ride living there. Drake (Michael Holmes) drives down to Winchester house where they would be taking care of the property for a few months. Drake along with his wife and daughter settle in the house quite comfortably on the day of arrival. Drake’s daughter Annie (Jennifer Smart) gets kidnapped by the ghosts and when her mother Marlene (Rya Meyers) stands witness to it all ends cut loose.

Drake and Marlene then take the help of Harrison Dent (Tomas Boykin) who specializes in paranormal activity to find out the whereabouts of their daughter. In the midst of all the melee the ghosts do make special appearances and when the couple successfully chase the ghosts away they set on to move out of this place where Marlene is hit by the reality about them.

Mark Atkins should have thought of a more meaningful story and at the same time should have made sure that the ideas are not borrowed from other successful horror flicks. The movie throughout gives a feel that there is nothing new to offer. The actors are all at sea when it comes to demanding scenes and a little effort on that could have improved the quality of the movie.

“Haunting of Winchester House” a total misfit in the horror genre.

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