“Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince” which is the sixth edition in the potter saga is a visual treat to the audience. The makers of this potter movie had decided to make sure that the crazy fans get their money’s worth and at the same time the interest in the plot is not lost by virtue of its onscreen adaptation. All said and done its a very difficult task to be faithful to a novel that has driven the whole world crazy and credit should be given to the makers for it. The special effects are brilliant but the major spoiler is the screenplay.

The movie begins on a flashy note with Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe) posing for the camera by virtue of his previous accomplishments. Then cut to present day we have the young Harry sipping a cup of coffee at the coffee shop and drooling at the waitress. Dumbledore arrives at the station to take Harry to an unknown destination to keep harry prepared for Hogwarts this year.

Harry and his friends during shopping find Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) moving suspiciously. The trio then start their journey to Hogwarts and their adventures there to complete the 6th edition of Harry Potter Movie titled “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.”

This time around undoubtedly there is more romance in the air where all three fall in love and that also indirectly indicating that the characters are matured as years pass-by. The core cast of all Potter movies have portrayed their characters to perfection once again and so does the Potions Professor Horace (Jim Broadbent) who gets referred by Dumbledore to Hogwarts.

When all goes fine and things are set for a grand movie the screenplay plays spoilsport and robs the audience of a Perfect Harry Potter Movie experience. No doubt in the end when the credits roll-on almost all Potter fans are sure to be disappointed and the makers are to be blamed for this debacle. In fact, when one of the main character dies in the movie, the mood does not sync at all with the viewers.

On the whole Harry has decided to disappoint his fans through this movie.

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