GouravamDirectors who have made a mark for themselves in the industry in a certain genre or style of film making would want to experiment something different and would tread into a territory that is not too familiar for them. Sometimes, some might prove to be successful while on the flip side there are also chances that they would fail miserably.

Director Radha Mohan after a spate of hits with clear and uncomplicated story lines has tried to take up a social issue without much conviction and the end result is there for everyone to see. The movie lacks a convincing story line; its lead actor is awfully out of place in acting, seasoned actors like Prakash Raj and Nasser being wasted on insignificant roles and importantly a social issue comes into the scheme of things only during the climax and the net result is that the film ends up being an absolute drab.

The film begins with Arjun (Debutant Sirish) talking about his passion to serve in his country than working in USA and getting his product the nod to be used in a factory. On the way back he decides to take a detour to a village where his college mate stays. Things take a different turn when he goes in search of him. As a separate track which later merges with the main track he comes across Yamini (Debutant Yami Gautam).

Deciding to go back to the village in search of his friend, he joins hands with Elango Kumaravel a low caste person and a relative of Arjun’s friend. In the village there is the village head Pasupathy (Prakash Raj) and as the story has it, his daughter has eloped with Arjun’s friend and their whereabouts are not known. Pasupathy is supported by his son played by Harish Uthaman in his activities.

What would have happened to Arjun’s friend and Pasupathy’s daughter is something that is figured out in the fag end of the film after the story goes around in circles without any conviction. The screenplay doesn’t help the cause of the film either with a pace and sequence of events that doesn’t bring in a connect with the audience. The film would have been a lot better without the songs and it is placed in the film just out of necessity than need.

As mentioned earlier there are too many flaws in the film that makes this “Gouravam” a forgettable experience. The film which has a running time of 130 minutes is made in Tamil and Telugu and is sure to bite the dust in the box-office race.

The bright spots of the film are Preetha’s Cinematography and Debutant Yami Gautam’s acting. Yami is sure to get noticed for her lively acting and is sure to make a mark for herself in the industry. Sirish Allu needs to improve by leaps and bounds if he has to make a mark for himself in the industry. Nasser appears in what can be termed as a “Guest Appearance”. Prakash Raj though doesn’t have too much of screen time has delivered his best in terms of the limited scope given to him. Elango Kumaravel a regular in Radha Mohan’s films has given another impressive performance.

Harish Uthaman who had an unsuccessful debut as hero in “Thaa” has changed gears to play the second villain in this film, he needs to concentrate more on emotions than on just being tough with his body language as in most scenes he sticks with just one emotion. To make him qualify to be in the villain band he can have Prakash Raj’s performance in his debut film “Duet” for reference and inspiration. Thaman’s music fails to get noticed due to the lag in the film’s pace. Allen’s editing could have been a lot crisper as there are few scenes which tend to drag the viewer to boredom.

Radha Mohan and Prakash Raj’s successful combination seems to have hit a road block in terms of the results they are used to produce. The ending dialogue of the film uttered by Sirish Allu seems to be in a hurry which gives the viewers the relief that the film is finally drawing its curtains.

“Gouravam” fails to deliver in almost all counts.


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