GhanchakkarSerial Kisser Emran Hashmi had given a spate of interviews prior to the release of “Ghanchakkar” and in almost all the interviews he said that “if he does not take risks, he will not survive in the industry”. But did he really take some sort of risk in “Ghanchakkar”? Well, the answer is.. it doesn’t seem so. The film though with a crazy storyline, begins off on a good note but as the minutes roll over it seems to be a farce.

The posters of the film did indicate that the film would be a romantic comedy. But, in reality though there is romance in the film, there isn’t a comedy that goes with the romance. In fact, the comedy scenes get repetitive after the initial burst.

Sanju (Emraan Hashmi) a master safe cracker gangs up with two other criminals in Pandit (Rajesh Sharma) and Idris (Namit Das) for what should be his last crime. The trio then agrees to claim stake on the bounty after a good three months when things become better.

Three months later, when Pandit and Idris call Sanju things go topsy turvy and they both struggle to make Sanju remember when he had kept the bounty. Apparently, Sanju met with an accident and currently suffering temp memory loss.

Neetu (Vidya Balan) is Sanju’s wife and she too is quite perturbed by her better half’s memory loss. When Pandit and Idris come back to the scene after three months, all hell break loose and in the quest for the bounty what are the things that the four people do is all about in this film.

The story line to be honest is a good one but the screenplay is the one that fails to connect with the audience. The second half especially moves at a slow pace thereby wading off the interest of the viewers.

In terms of acting, Emraan Hashmi as a confused person does a decent job but as he boasts in his interviews there is nothing risky or new in it. Rajesh Sharma and Namit Das have done their bit well with their comic roles but when the comedy gets repeated, it is a let-off. Vidya Balan’s role can be termed as an extended cameo but what she does best is expose her cleavage as much as she can in almost all her scenes and the excuse she gives is that she is an ultra modern girl!

Overall with a running time of 135 minutes, this film begins on a good note but the uninspiring second half spoils the party. Director Rajkumar Gupta needs to be more crazy to make a crazy film.

“Ghanchakkar” is a neither here nor there film.

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