There are films which are nothing worthy of mention and at the same time tfinding-fanny-posterhere are the little gems which get drowned in the huge pile of masala films that gets churned out every Friday. “Finding Fanny” is a tiny little gem that runs for 100 minutes and it is truly a wonderful experience in terms of the finesse showcased by director Homi Adajania. Homi after films like “Being Cyrus” and “Cocktail” follows it up with a stylish narration of a simple Goan re-born love story.

Fernando (Naseeruddin Shah) is a post master in a tiny hamlet of Goa named Pocolim. One night there is a letter slid under his door which Fernando wrote to the girl of his dreams Stefanie. All these years Fernando was under the impression that it was a no from Stefanie aka Fanny.

Rosalina Eucharistica aka Rosy (Dimple Kapadia) lives along with her daughter-in-law Angie (Deepika Padukone) who is a virgin widow. There is also a world famous painter in their hamlet Don Pedro (Pankaj Kapur) and Savio Da Gama (Arjun Kapoor) who had apparently loved Angie and had left their village when he came to know that it was not him who is to have her hand in marriage.

Fernando aka Ferdie with the help of the other four sets on a journey to find Fanny. During the journey, there are lots of interesting and funny moments that gets stacked one after another which helps the film to maintain a uniform pace throughout.

Don Pedro who is been pulled into the trip by Angie using the liking he has for Rosy brings in a lot of tongue in cheek moments especially the scenes where he and Rosy set together get comfortable with each other. Savio’s undying love for Angie and vice-versa gets the flip when Angie decides to talk straight with him.

Fredie’s march towards his love ends in an unexpected fashion and even there, writer Homi Adajania along with his counterpart Kersi Khambatta stamp their creative side to full authority. The setting for the story in a quite hamlet of Goa augurs well for the pace and the story.

In terms of acting, it can be said that it is one of the best performances put in by all the lead actors. Naseeruddin Shah once again showcases what a fine actor he is. Dimple Kapadia after being the hottest girl of Bollywood comes across as an actor with substance. Pankaj Kapur has put in a mature performance as the women obsessed artist. Arjun Kapoor though had his task cut out as his role is somewhat ordinary compared to his counterparts. Deepika Padukone fits into the role of a Goan girl to perfection and has given a performance of substance.

Hats off to director Homi Adajania for pulling off this wonderful film gracefully. The film might have its target audience as it would definitely not make any sense for the masala audience who walk in to theatres wanting to see some high voltage action along with some sleazy expose of heroines and item girls.

“Finding Fanny” is for the niche audience who would love every minute of it.

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