“Faces in the Crowd” is a crime thriller where a serial killer is on loose through town slitting throats of the victims without being captured. The film deals about an instance where the main protagonist of the film accidentally sees this killer during his act and what follows after is something that has turned her world upside down.

Anna (Milla Jovovich) a lower-grade school teacher after a girls night out walks home in a closed walkway only to witness a steamy scene between a couple. Barely seconds later she hears a knife slitting through the girls neck and when she freezes in shock her phone rings making her presence obvious to the killer.

In the chase, she looses the race and gets thrown into the river by the killer but what happens in the midst of the battle is that she bangs her head against a iron rod during her fall that when she wakes up she isn’t able to remember the faces.

So shattered she becomes that she is not able to see her own face in the mirror as it reflects different image every time. Now the investigative officers on the serial killer’s case has only one witness who has seen the killer and that’s Anna.

Anna is now under absolute pressure where she has to identify the killer as she knows that she has little time left and as days pass by she also understands that the killer is closely following her.

Does Anna finally get to identify the killer overcoming the shortcoming she has or does the killer has the final say is in the remaining portions of the “Faces in the Crowd”.

The storyline actually makes us think that the film should be a racy thriller but due to a mediocre screenplay, the moments of brilliance is very far and few. The scenes where Anna struggles to recognize people in the crowd and in the train where she runs for her life assuming that the person following her is the killer when in reality it happens to be her father is well acted.

The other scenes though are a bit iffy considering the seriousness of the plot. The pace of the film somehow doesn’t hit top gear and throughout it travels at a slow medium speed which sometime tends to drag more than needed.

Milla Jovovich being the star has done a commendable performance while the other actors in Julian Macmohan, Michael Shanks, Sarah Wayne and Marianne Faithfull to name a few have lend support to the film.

“Faces in the Crowd” has a running time of 97 minutes and it could have been more brisker. Director Julien Magnat needs to makes sure that the glitches in this film is not followed in his next films.

“Faces in the Crowd” a mediocre crime thriller.

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