In what would like an ordinary movie which has exam as its background with a twist from outside is much more than what meets the eye, this movie has got more twists than expected. The movie is not the adrenalin pumping thriller types but with certain amount of patience this movie qualifies for a decent viewing. The budget for the movie shouldn’t have been huge considering the plot unfolds within a single room. The actors who don the central characters in the film have done justice to the plot and few leave the plot pretty fast.

There are eight candidates who walk-in to an exam room where they are to appear for a prestigious job from a top-notch company. The irony here is that none of the eight participants know the name of the company for which they have applied nor the position (quite strange).

The movie then transverses through the 80 minutes time period set aside for the test with set of pre-conditions laid down to be followed by the candidates. If anyone breaks the rule they get ousted. The mystery unravels right from the question to the answer and in the midst of all things a huge test of patience,smartness and greediness take centre stage and in the end who scrapes through successfully is the crux of the story.

The storyline though looks mundane the difference is the director’s slow-paced approach which tilts the sequences exposing the other side of individuals when tested under difficult circumstances. When the characters find out that they are allowed to talk amongst themselves they initially work together to unravel the hidden mystery behind the blank question paper. As each candidate gets ejected when they fail to adhere to the rules they go on a rampage putting behind trust and teamwork and doubting every individual in the room.

The movie is not a great entertainer by any standards but at the same time it isn’t all that boring. A popcorn would compliment the movie perfectly. With a running time of 93 minutes the producer Stuart Hazeldine who is also in charge of the script and direction has tried his level best to keep the audience glued to the screen.

This “Exam” scores just below average.

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