There is nothing new in this “Engeyum Kadhal” except for the fact instead of the usual boy meets girl and falls in love its the girl meets the boy and falls in love concept. The lead pair in “Jeyam” Ravi and Hansika Motwani make a good on-screen pair.

Director Prabhu Deva after a mediocre outing in his previous directorial venture “Villu” has tried hard to re-create the success his “Pokkiri” achieved a few years back and to be honest he has failed miserably in this attempt. There is no credible story line to keep the audience glued and to make things worse the wafer thin plot has been unnecessarily dragged much to the dismay of the viewers.

Kamal (“Jeyam” Ravi) is a successful businessman from Chennai who toils hard for 11 months in a year and to cool off all the tension he takes a complete break from his work and enjoys his life for a full month being a casanova at Paris. Kamal is very particular that he doesn’t want commitments in love. On the other hand there is Kayalvizhi (Hansika Motwani) who is a South Indian living in Paris with her father and she is a character who believes in values and traditions.

Kayal bumps into Kamal quite strangely and having known that he is a casanova, she falls in love with him. On the other hand Kamal doesn’t develop that feeling in the beginning and moves with her as a friend. As days go by, Kayal’s love gets deeper towards Kamal and on the other hand, he doesn’t think on those lines. In the end does Kamal’s ideology of love change or not and whether the lead pair join hands and walk down the aisle is all about in the movie.

There is Raju Sundaram who comes as Ravi’s friend provides the comedy track to the film and there is Suman who plays the role of Hansika Motwani’s father has given a good performance. There is also Prakash Raj who comes in two scenes and steals the moment with ease while Prabhu Deva appears for the introduction song.

Ravi’s acting is good but his characterization needs a lot to be desired as he doesn’t look like being a charming casanova instead he very much looks like a good and obedient youth waiting to fall in love with the most beautiful girl around. Hansika Motwani after her debut in Tamil with Dhanush in “Mappillai” has given a notable performance considering the fact that her role had a greater impact on the story than that of “Jeyam” Ravi’s.

The major spoiler is the story and the screenplay which brings the expectations on the movie crashing down within 30 minutes into the film. Prabhu Deva needs to be more innovative in choosing a story and constructing an apt screenplay which would be liked by viewers of all ages. Music by Harris Jeyaraj is brilliant in terms of the songs which are already hits but the background score could have been more peppy to suit the mood of the film. The only solace in the movie is the view of picturesque Paris which is a treat to the eyes.

“Engeyum Kadhal” is a dull love story that fails to connect.

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