Endrendrum Punnagai MovieDirector Ahmed had mentioned in the pre-release interviews that his film “Endrendrum Punnagai” is a feel good film. At the end of 155 minutes the film does support its director’s stand. Ahmed after a disastrous attempt in his previous film “Vaamanan” has come good in this breezy romantic comedy. Jiiva and Trisha in lead roles along with Vinay, Santhanam and Andrea have done justice to Ahmed’s well knitted script.

The film is about three thick friends in Jiiva, Vinay and Santhanam who share a good bonding amongst themselves. They decide that they will remain friends forever without any distractions. Any decision of this nature is bound to be broken else there will not be any twist in the tale. Trisha Krishnan walks in as their work accomplice and so does Andrea Jeremiah in a similar role.

What happens between the friends? Is Trisha or Andrea responsible for the turn of events amongst the thick buddies is for the viewers to find out and at the end of the film it is no doubt that the viewers have got more than their money’s worth if they look at this film only as a pure entertainer. Santhanam’s comedy is of top class and after so many films, he manages to make the viewer laugh for almost all his dialogues. The scene in which he comes home drunk is well visualized by the director. Unlike most candy-floss romances ending in the airport, this film for a change makes an exception and the ending takes place in a hospital.

Harris Jeyaraj’s music has after a long break tasted huge success. The number “Vaan Engum Nee Minna” is a chartbuster and arrives at the movie at an appropriate time. Other songs of the film are also very soothing for the ears and the same can be said of the background score.

In terms of acting, Andrea can be best described as a sort of guest appearance role though she has a romantic number in the film. Jiiva plays the egoistic character well while Vinay and Santhanam as his friends have done justice to their characters. Trisha though looks a bit jaded has put in a very mature performance. Nasser as Jiiva’s dad performs his part well.

In terms of the pace of the film, the entire film moves at a decent pace barring the climax which is a bit dragging due to the emotional angle in it. Whenever there seems to be a drop in pace whatsoever, Santhanam jumps in with his timely comedy which gives the film more acceleration.

Ahmed needs to be appreciated for his visualization of this film without any villain character thereby cutting down the unnecessary fight sequences. “Endrendrum Punnagai” stays loyal to its title by being a lovable romantic comedy and is sure to do well at the box-office.

“Endrendrum Punnagai” is an enjoyable feel good entertainer.

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