Director Kabir Khan after Kabul Express in 2006 and New York three years later has given a complete masala entertainer to the masses in this “Ek Tha Tiger”. A film with Salman Khan in the lead, doesn’t fail to deliver. Action genre is Salman’s forte and none can question him especially after this “Ek Tha Tiger”. In this film, the leading lady Katrina Kaif has also forayed into performing action sequences which is a treat to the eyes. Together, the duo make optimum use of the action stunts to good effect which helps this film race ahead at a scorching pace.

Tiger (Salman Khan) a RAW agent is sent on a mission to unravel the suspected mystery of an anti-missile technology being passed on to Pakistan by a scientist of Indian origin Professor Anwar Jamal (Roshan Seth). Tiger gets up and close with Anwar’s part-time care taker Zoya (Katrina Kaif). When Tiger gets close to his mission objective, Zoya’s other side comes in as a rude shock to him.

Once the pair decides on what they want in life and embark on a journey which apparently is filled with more danger than happiness. “Ek Tha Tiger” moves ahead with a no-nonsense sequence of events thereby turning out to be a complete entertainer.

When Salman gets his act together in an action film, his larger than life persona gets into full groove and in the process he unleashes certain death-defying stunts without blinking an eye-lid. In the romance angle (which has been given a good screen time in an action film), both the actors have given a solid performance. Director Kabir Khan has interlaced the romance and action portions perfectly. In places where one least expects an action block, the screenplay springs in a surprise by tactfully inserting a thrilling action sequence.

Apart from the leading actors, there is Girish Karnad (as Chief of RAW) and Ranvir Shorey (as a trusted aide of Tiger) bringing in mature performances. Katrina Kaif for the first time in her career has performed stunts which keeps the viewer in awe. The locales where the film has been shot are extensive as the film shuttles between Iraq, London, Istanbul, Cuba and few more.

The movie has a running time of 140 minutes and a complete paisa vasool for the masses. The film shot with a budget of over 70 crore is sure to make good business at the box-office. Salman’s fans would rate this film amongst their actor’s best performances.

Though the film has traces of the storyline from the Shah Rukh Khan starrer “Veer Zara”, the screenplay along with the crispy editing takes the film to a different magnitude. The end title song which has Katrina showcasing her USP makes the viewers who are in a hurry to rush out after the main story pulls down its curtains stop in their blocks and take notice.

“Ek Tha Tiger” which is a treat to watch is undoubtedly a match winner.


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