Director M.Sasikumar after a scintillating directorial debut in “Subramaniapuram” has fallen flat in his second venture titled “Eesan” (Spelt as “Easan”). The storyline moves from one plot to another and though the sequence of events may sound logical, there are lot of loop holes in the flow which could have been avoided. In fact when “Subramaniapuram” was released the twist in the storyline was so refreshing that viewers were in awe of the film irrespective of it containing too many violent scenes. In “Eesan” however the storyline is as old as one can remember the only difference being the first half of the movie that concentrates more on establishing the night life in Chennai.

The movie begins with the mood at a night club disco followed by a hit and run sequence. The guys involved in the accident calls up Chezhian (Vaibhav) who happens to be the son of Minister Deivanayagam (A L Azhagappan) and they get released easily much to the disapproval of ACP Sangaya (Samuthirakani). Life goes on for these folks happily and Chezian comes across Reshma (Aparna) a Kannadiga girl studying fashion technology and its love at first sight for him.

Simultaneously there is another storyline that is fed into the scheme of things where the political bureaucracy and behind the scene dealings for government projects takes place between Deivanayagam and Hegde who is an industrialist. Incidentally Reshma is none other than the daughter of Hegde.

Amongst all the melee, Chezhian disappears and the responsibility on finding him is upon ACP Sangaya who then digs another story that runs events to flashback and by the time the flashback is mid-way, the remaining part of the movie is predictable which turns out to be a huge dampener.

Its truly filmy style finish and to make matters worse Sasikumar signs of with a boring ending sequence that totally drains out the viewers enthusiasm. The movie has no specific hero character and the hero here is supposed to be the story. The first half is somewhat ok but the second half limps badly.

In terms of acting the real star of the film is Samuthirakani who steals the show with his acting. The other actors have not given any note-worthy performances and it is nice to see Abhinaya bagging another role in a film and kudos to Sasikumar for his bold attempt in offering a role to the challenged actress.

Music by James Vasanthan is mediocre so are the other technicians work. The movie has a running time of 170 minutes and is produced by Sasikumar under Company Productions banner.

“Eesan” is predictable and boring.

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Downloading Eesan Movie via Internet using torrent, direct download, and Eesan movie in rapidshare is illegal. Eesan movie downloading in mega upload is a crime. Downloading Eesan Audio Mp3 is not legal in India. The Eesan Movie crew : Director M Sasikumar, Eesan actors Samuthrakani, Vaibhav and Eesan actress Aparna has done lot of hard work to come up with a high quality movie called Eesan.


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